With less than a week remaining in the 2008 primary campaign season, the political action committee associated with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has raised more than $325,000. The organization works with activists from across the state on tax and spending issues.

“In just over 12 months, we have more than 16,000 activists working with and through TFR, demonstrating the resonance the message of strict fiscal accountability has in Texas,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of TFR and treasurer of the PAC. “And some 250 individuals contributing to the PAC understand those dollars are used to fight for reducing the state’s tax burden, eliminating the gross margins tax, bringing real property tax relief, and reducing growth in government spending.”

Despite the much larger amounts of money available to left-leaning political action committees supported by trials lawyers, unions, casino gambling interests and others, Sullivan said the Empower Texas PAC donations are used to fight politically for the sound fiscal principles that have brought the organization its grassroots success.

“We want to be judged on the consistency of our advocacy on the issues tomorrow that we were promoting yesterday,” said Sullivan. “We’re excited that donors of all levels of financial means are willing to put their hard-earned dollars behind the promotion of these ideas. We’re confronting head-on those who use government power to meddle in the economy.”

Sullivan said the organization’s effectiveness in promoting fiscal issues has attracted large political donations in recent days.

“That men like Tim Dunn and Jim Leininger have chosen to invest in the PAC is gratifying, but so is the $10 contribution from a retiree; the amounts vary, but our commitment to use the funds for lasting fiscal reforms is the same. Some people can write checks, others walk precincts, and others can be a voice in their neighborhoods. Every contribution allows us to talk to Texas’ voters about the solutions to the critical issues facing the Lone Star State.”

Sullivan said no contribution changes the organization’s clearly stated principles or affects its issues.

“The dollars simply reflect the amount of effort we can exert on behalf of our principles. Those are unchanged from the day the organization was launched.”

He concluded: “We’re committed to pursuing meaningful fiscal policy reforms that empower Texans, regardless of party, regardless of who we anger, and regardless of personality. It’s the principles, not the personalities, that matter.”