As of last week Texans can take pride in a new select committee. Speaker Straus created the House Select Committee on Transportation to highlight the need for increased transparency and accountability in Texas transportation and to analyze current and future transportation funding requirements.

I dare say that Texas does not need a select committee to be reminded of the need for greater transparency and accountability in our transportation. The committee comes equipped with two subcommittees one focused on glaring accountability issues and one focused on funding

We won’t speculate on what’s to come but will once again see how the composition of the committee scores on our Fiscal Responsibility index. The results are remarkably close to our past observations on Straus committees.

The House Select Committee on Transportation membership scored on average a 57%, the exact same average of the House as a whole during the session according to our index. That is also the same score as two interim committees created in January.

How do the party break downs compare to our index? Republicans on the committee average a 79 and Democrats a 28. On our index Republicans averaged an 82 and Democrats a 30.

Chair: Larry Phillips – 95
Vice Chair: Eddie Rodriquez – 22

Subcommittee on Funding

Drew Darby – 72
Patricia Harless – 80
Todd Hunter – 71
Ruth McClendon – 28
Joe Picket – 40
Vicki Truitt – 68

Subcommittee on Planning and Accountability
Roberto Alonzo – 20
Bill Callagari – 90
Edmund Kuempel – 75
Armando Martinez – 28
Wayne Smith – 81
Senfronia Thompson – 31

Overall average: 57

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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