Over the weekend, University of Texas finance professor Richard Lowery filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the Texas A&M University system and several university officials for discriminating against white and Asian men.

Lowery is represented by America First Legal, an organization founded by Trump administration officials, including former Senior Advisor Stephen Miller and Trump’s one-time Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. The group aims to “use every legal tool at our disposal to defend our citizens from unconstitutional executive overreach.”

The radical left is using its power inside and outside of the government to destroy our country. It is opening America’s borders, shutting down American energy, trying to take over American elections, and violating the fundamental civil rights of the American People. At America First Legal, we are building a team of some of the nation’s best legal, political, and strategic thinkers to challenge this lawlessness at every turn.

America First Legal’s latest case claims Texas A&M’s implementation of “affirmative action” policies is leading to discrimination at the “expense of white and Asian men.” The lawsuit accuses the university of violating Title VI and Title IX of the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations.

The lawsuit includes a memo from the university’s Office for Diversity highlighting the university’s designation as a “Hispanic Serving Institution” and promising to allocate $2 million in salary and benefits for new hires from “underrepresented minority groups that contribute to moving the structural composition of our faculty towards parity with that of the State of Texas.”

To accomplish this, Texas A&M created the ACES Plus Fellowship, which only allowed “African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians” to apply.

America First Legal claims that in only setting aside funds for applicants of a specific racial makeup and by attempting to achieve racial “parity” with the state’s demographics, the university violated Title IX and discriminated against white and Asian men.

Lowery’s requests include a court-appointed monitor to oversee the Office for Diversity in order to prevent discriminatory hiring practices, and for Texas A&M to open up university positions for “a class of all white and Asian men who stand ‘able and ready’ to apply for faculty appointments.”

Miller, president of America First Legal, highlighted the case’s importance in preventing racial discrimination in universities across the country.

History is being made today. America First Legal has filed a landmark class action lawsuit against Texas A&M University for its illegal and unconstitutional racial discrimination regime. Texas A&M is hiring—and excluding—professors solely due to the physical appearance of their skin or the ancestry of their family tree.

“This is vile and outrageous,” said Miller. “We must extract the poison of bigotry coursing deep through the leadership of Texas A&M and restore civil rights and equality for all. Our lawsuit will send tremors through our corrupt institutions of ‘higher learning’ making clear that racial discrimination will be met with righteous legal action in our courts of law.”

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.