We already know the U.S. Senate doesn’t bother to read legislation it passes. That would be, like, hard.

It now looks like naming legislation is a bit too much to expect from our fat and happy would-be rulers.

H.R. 1586 is the latest bailout, aimed at states, filled with strings attached by the liberals who run the Senate. As the Heritage Foundation points out, the over $26 billion bailout is partly funded by $11 billion in tax increases for American companies trying to compete globally. That’s $11 billion worth of real jobs that can’t be created now.

The Austin American-Statesman predictably carries the liberal Senate’s water with an attack on Rick Perry for resisting the bailout. The Statesman doesn’t seem to realize Texans pay federal taxes, too, and don’t want another massive new expense put on our worn-out national credit card. Even less attractive is performing for Harry Reid to get this pork.