So much for that congenial loyalty we’ve heard about. Texas House Speaker Joe Straus this weekend tossed House Republican Caucus chairman Larry Taylor under the proverbial bus. So much for friendship.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Straus said he wants the Texas House to address ethics reform.

His comments came in an article trashing Taylor — with allegations Taylor flatly denies and apparently backed up with bank statements.

Rather than stand behind Taylor, the speaker’s comments sound a lot like he assumes Taylor is guilty.

“The public trust is No. 1,” [Straus] said, “and without that, we couldn’t even begin to address these other challenges that we have.”

Tell that to Straus’ own Ethic Committee chairman, Chuck Hopson, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to follow state law last week by putting a legislator under oath when testifying. That’s something clearly required by state law.


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