COLLEGE STATION, TX—An instructional assistant professor at Texas A&M University is facing criticism from students who have accused her of presenting biased and inaccurate information regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Sena Karasipahi has worked at Texas A&M since 2006 and teaches courses in the Department of International Affairs. Students enrolled in different courses Karasipahi teaches claim that she has referred to Hamas as a “charity organization” and a “humanitarian group.”

Hamas is an Islamist militant movement that advocates for Israel’s destruction. The U.S. State Department designated Hamas a terrorist group in 1997.

A student taking the course “Political Islam and Jihad” said Karasipahi prohibits students from recording her lectures or taking pictures of slideshow presentations.

Online reviews on RateMyProfessors mention that the course’s information is inaccurate and “ideologically slanted,” with students alleging that she does not provide adequate sources.

The student said she was taught that “Israel helped create Hamas like the U.S. helped create Al Qaeda.” Students also allege Karasipahi has denied the Armenian genocide in her classes.

The student shared her experience with Texas Scorecard, saying, “She says it’s not a religious war and has even claimed that Hamas cannot be anti-Semitic because they are semites themselves. There are a lot of students that agree with her.”

The student continued, “It’s been really difficult to listen to. It’s scary because students trust their professors. That’s what I want to do when I come to school.”

The Israel-Palestine conflict has sparked heated debates and protests on university campuses nationwide, with students expressing support for either side.

Last week, the Texas A&M Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) organized a pro-Palestine protest on campus, which was followed by a silent march in support of Israel.

PSC is a university-recognized organization that hosts regular meetings on campus. Karasipahi is a faculty advisor for a Palestine solidarity organization according to her CV on the Bush School website.

A PSC group recently hosted an event at Harvard University, releasing a statement claiming Israel is “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” They have since deleted the letter, which was signed by over 30 student organizations in support of the Islamic terrorist group, Hamas.

Texas A&M Interim President Mark Welsh issued a statement expressing support for Aggies affected by the conflict, condemning the violence as an “inexcusable terrorist attack on innocent civilians.”

Pro-Palestine events are expected to continue on the Texas A&M campus.

Kelly Brown, a spokesperson for Texas A&M, said, “Texas A&M has not seen any evidence of such comments being made in the classroom. Further, no related complaints have been filed by students against a faculty member, so it’s not clear where this is coming from or why.”

Valerie Muñoz

Valerie Muñoz is a native South Texan and student at Texas A&M University, where she studies journalism. She is passionate about delivering clear and comprehensive news to Texans.