Just days after the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas voted to leave the free-speech social media platform Gab, Texas GOP Chairman Allen West has created a Gab account of his own. 

His first Gab post was dedicated to discussing why critical race theory is subversive, rooted in Marxism, and must be combated. His second post came just nine minutes later: a picture of the Constitution, with West’s caption stating his support for free speech. 

Nearly an hour after joining the platform, West already accumulated more than 3,000 followers.

“Chairman West is happy to join a platform that will not buckle to left-wing cancel culture and will always stand for free speech,” Texas GOP Spokesman Luke Twombly told Texas Scorecard. “Platforms like Facebook and Twitter may be useful, but they cannot be trusted considering their history of anti-conservative censorship.”

These developments come after the State Republican Executive Committee bowed to pressure from Gov. Greg Abbott and RPT Vice Chair Cat Parks, and deleted the party’s Gab account due to accusations of it hosting hate speech. The move proved to be controversial, with many in the conservative grassroots accusing the party of capitulation to cancel culture and leftist pressure. 

The platform gained traction after Twitter’s permanent ban of President Trump, and it continues to gain popularity despite tech monopolies’ attempts to crush smaller, conservative competition. 

The party also maintains its presence on left-leaning conventional platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Joshua Pierce

Joshua Pierce is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, a graduate of University of Dallas, Honor Roll student, and an Eagle Scout. An activist from a young age with a history of backing Conservatives, he is a Spring 2021 Fellow for Texas Scorecard, and is glad to help hold the Texas political establishment accountable.


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