With early voting beginning in the Republican primary election on Monday, February 14, Texas Scorecard asked candidates in the race for Texas House District 19 a series of questions to help voters make up their minds before heading to the polls.

Justin Berry (No response received)
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Ellen Troxclair

The following are the full, unedited responses we received.

Why are you running for office?
Troxclair: I am a proven conservative who is tired of politicians campaigning on our values during campaign season and then going-along-to-get-along once in office. For four years, I stood strong for conservative values as the lone conservative on the Austin City Council. I am not afraid to stand up to the radical left, even when I have to do so alone.

What are the three main issues facing the district you hope to represent? How will you address them?
Troxclair: The top issue I hear on the campaign trail by far is border security and immigration. On the Austin City Council, I voted no on leftist efforts to fund legal aid for illegal immigrants and against a motion to punish businesses working on Trump’s border wall. In the Texas House, I will fight to eliminate the magnets that encourage individuals to move here illegally and prioritize the funding of border security.

The second top issue is property taxes. I will describe my plan in the question below.

The third top issue is fiscal responsibility. On the City Council, I became known as the budget watchdog, fighting for spending cuts and reforming city programs for better results. We must use zero-based budgeting, limit spending to population growth plus inflation, and eliminate subsidies and corporate welfare.

Texans all across the state are reporting an ever-increasing property tax burden. Should the property tax system be fixed? If so, how?
Troxclair: Absolutely, I hear about it everyday. Ten years ago I was a newlywed.  My husband, Caleb, and I had both been working two jobs to save enough money to buy our first home. We truly thought we had finally achieved the American dream. Then… we got our property tax bill.  We realized that the dream we were pursuing was being stolen out from under us by the tax-and-spend leftists on the most liberal city council in Texas. This was THE ISSUE that encouraged me to run for city council.

I support Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Lower Taxes, Better Texas Plan to eliminate property taxes in Texas through a buydown plan where we reduce spending and apply the savings towards property tax relief. I will fight for this approach in the Texas House.

Should Democrats serve as committee chairs in the Texas Legislature?
Troxclair: No.

How would you characterize the state’s response to the coronavirus? What would you have done differently?
Troxclair: I am in favor of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Texas should not have shutdown and we must ban all efforts to mandate vaccines and masks. I have signed the pledge against vaccine mandates.

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