With early voting beginning in the Republican primary election on Monday, February 14, Texas Scorecard asked candidates in the race for Texas House District 93 a series of questions to help voters make up their minds before heading to the polls.

Nate Schatzline
Cary Moon (No response received)
Laura Hill (No response received)

The following are the full, unedited responses we received.

Why are you running for office?
Schatzline: I’m running for office because I am a concerned parent and citizen of Texas who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Tarrant County stays red. As a minister and an operations director of an anti-human trafficking organization in district 93, there’s no one who understands more that we need to fight against the leftist woke anti-family agenda in our schools, secure our border in order to resist drug and human trafficking as well as violent criminals, and fight for our liberties.    

What are the three main issues facing the district you hope to represent? How will you address them?
Schatzline: In District 93, I believe our biggest challenge is the fear that our freedoms can be stripped at any time in the name of “health.” I will propose legislation that ensures our liberties are never stripped in such a way again.

Our families also must be protected. CRT and anti-American ideologies are threatening our children and our future generations. I will fight to have CRT removed from our schools once and for all. We must also promote school choice and allow parents the option to have their taxpayer dollars follow their child where they will gain the best education.

As a pro-life advocate, and someone who works in anti-human trafficking, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of the unborn and the born. Safety is not possible if our border is not secure. In fact, it is estimated that 300,000 women and children are currently victims of sex trafficking in the state of Texas. This is partially due to the trafficking that takes place at our border. We must secure the border by ending taxpayer subsidies to illegal immigrants, finishing the wall, and supporting our law enforcement properly. 

Texans all across the state are reporting an ever-increasing property tax burden. Should the property tax system be fixed? If so, how?
Schatzline: The property tax system HAS to be fixed. First of all, property taxes are unconstitutional and should be completely abolished, but I understand that we must walk before we run. I believe property taxes can be greatly diminished by pulling from the Texas rainy day fund and allocating state funds to public schools so that municipal governments can lower their property taxes and still have money for their schools. 

Should Democrats serve as committee chairs in the Texas Legislature?
Schatzline: No

How would you characterize the state’s response to the coronavirus? What would you have done differently?
Schatzline: The state’s initial response to COVID was abhorrent. Businesses and churches NEVER should have shut down. Children NEVER should have been required to wear masks just to attend school. Our governor should have led on this issue and never allowed unconstitutional shutdowns and mandates. The legislature needed to be convened and the representatives of the people of Texas were the ones that should have decided what to do about COVID (within the bounds of the constitution).

I would have chosen to leave businesses and churches open. I would have allowed people to take personal responsibility for their health. Businesses should be able to choose whether or not to keep their doors open during such a time. The government can never be allowed to mandate church closures again. It is time to hold those lawmakers and officeholders accountable for taking such unconstitutional and unlawful actions. I will do just that when I am elected.
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