Today the Texas House will consider House Bill 1, the state budget.

In the bill as currently written, lawmakers are proposing to increase the size of government by a jaw-dropping 16 percent—all while providing little in terms of property tax relief for overburdened Texans. The 16 percent spending increase is well beyond the state’s population growth and inflation, at only 8 percent.

That’s right! Despite campaigning on property tax relief, and raking in a $9 billion state surplus, lawmakers are preparing to increase public education spending by roughly three times the amount they plan to use to reduce school property tax burdens.

Is that what you voted for? More spending with only rationed relief?

If you didn’t, I encourage you to call your state representative at (512) 463-4630, and ask them to support all amendments that would prioritize spending and provide for significant property tax relief!

As currently proposed, HB 1 increases state spending too fast, beyond population growth and inflation, and provides inadequate property tax relief. Unless substantially amended, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will negatively rate HB 1.

(A full accounting of our vote recommendations and rationale concerning the budget may be viewed here.)

AuthorPacket NumberDescriptionTFR Position
Anchia860322Politically motivated effort to diminish border securityOPPOSE
Beckley860179Contingency funding for same day voter registrationOPPOSE
Beckley860180Politically motivated studyOPPOSE
Blanco860255Politically motivated census targetingOPPOSE
Bowers860144Politically motivated report on state agenciesOPPOSE
Bucy860171Attempt to expand eligible population for MedicaidOPPOSE
Button860156Shifts state lottery funding to DFPSSUPPORT
Cain860265Shifts DRP funding to property tax reliefSUPPORT
Cain860266Shifts diversity scholarship funding to property tax reliefSUPPORT
Cain860267Shifts wine marketing funding for property tax reliefSUPPORT
Cain860268Cuts proposed increases in government across the board to provide property tax reliefSUPPORT
Cain860259Prohibition on purchasing fetal tissue from an elective abortionSUPPORT
Cain860258Prohibits state dollars from funding elective surgeries for prisonersSUPPORT
Calanni860160Prohibits schools from using state funds to pay superintendent severanceSUPPORT
Calanni860159Cuts the Alternatives to Abortion Program and shifts funds to family planningOPPOSE
Dutton860208Defunds border security, funds the Texas Alliance of Black School EducatorsOPPOSE
Flynn860150Takes ESF funding from Texas Judicial Council, gives to TRSOPPOSE
Gervin-Hawkins860133Defunds AG, gives to affordable housingOPPOSE
Gervin-Hawkins860184Defunds AG, provides for wigs for cancer patientsOPPOSE
Gervin-Hawkins860186Defunds AG, provides for wigs for cancer patientsOPPOSE
Gervin-Hawkins860278Requires spending on intergenerational Pre-KOPPOSE
Gonzalez, Jessica860275Politically motivated reportOPPOSE
Gonzalez, Mary860063Review of STAAR test efficacySUPPORT
Goodwin860073Funding for electic vehicle charging stations at the Texas CapitolOPPOSE
Gutierrez860033Defunding border security, funding special educationOPPOSE
Gutierrez860035Defunding election administration, increasing funding for welfareOPPOSE
Gutierrez860037Defunding assistance for charter schoolsOPPOSE
Gutierrez860044Appropriates ESF dollars to hospital renovationOPPOSE
Hernandez860022Defunds DPS, shifts dollars to "improving disability access" at the CapitolOPPOSE
Hernandez860038Prohibits DFPS from approving ICE detention centersOPPOSE
Howard860226Additional reporting requirements for charter schoolsOPPOSE
Howard860225Restricting the authority of the TEA CommissionerOPPOSE
Howard860284Defunding border security, increasing mental health fundingOPPOSE
Howard860285Defunding Alternatives to Abortion, increasin funding for Home and Community ServicesOPPOSE
Israel860079Online voter registrationOPPOSE
Johnson, Julie860188Protecting welfareOPPOSE
Johnson, Julie860190Increasing welfare payments to doctorsOPPOSE
Krause860111Cuts proposed increases in government across the board to provide property tax reliefSUPPORT
Landgraf860247Defunds the Texas Lottery to increase DPS fundingSUPPORT
Martinez Fischer860151Politically motivated reportOPPOSE
Martinez Fischer860152Increasing state aid to county hospitalsOPPOSE
Middleton860198Defunds the Commission on the Arts, provides for property tax reliefSUPPORT
Middleton860197Cuts proposed increases in government across the board to provide property tax reliefSUPPORT
Middleton860194Ensures Harvey relief dollars assist US citizensSUPPORT
Middleton860193Prevents local governments from subsidizing abortionSUPPORT
Minjarez860312Politically motivated salary adjustmentsOPPOSE
Minjarez860313Limits TABC travel expenditures and prohibits them from accepting payments from businessesSUPPORT
Munoz860248Politically motivated rider opposing border securityOPPOSE
Neave860240Appropriates ESF dollars to hospital renovationOPPOSE
Nevarez860212Appropriates border security dollars to local governmentsOPPOSE
Oliverson860077Increasing funding for the dental education loan repayment programOPPOSE
Raney860302Shifts dollars from advertising contracts to instructionSUPPORT
Raymond860316Providing a pay increase to teachersOPPOSE
Schaefer860254Removes the Statewide Safe Gun Storage Campaign riderSUPPORT
Schaefer860253Cuts proposed increases in government across the board to provide property tax reliefSUPPORT
Shaheen860291Appropriates unexpended balances to reducing property taxesSUPPORT
Shaheen860292Establishes a floor for property tax reliefSUPPORT
Springer860149Appropriates ESF dollars to junior collegesOPPOSE
Stickland860023Abolishes the feral hog abatement programSUPPORT
Stickland860099Prevents TXDOT from using state dollars on advertisingSUPPORT
Stickland860088Removes Lottery Commission advertising dollarsSUPPORT
Stickland860089Defunds the Department of Housing and Community AffairsSUPPORT
Stickland860220Prohibits state dollars from being used to take down historical monumentsSUPPORT
Stickland860219Transfers funding from the Texas Facility Commission to trauma centersSUPPORT
Toth860306Defunds the Commission on the Arts, increases funding for TRSSUPPORT
Toth860307Cuts proposed increases in government across the board to provide property tax reliefSUPPORT
Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the executive director of Texans for Strong Borders, a no-compromise non-profit dedicated to restoring security and sovereignty to the citizens of the Lone Star State. For more information visit


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