Before you get carried away, I am not talking about the 2011 event that will determine how our state’s electoral lines are drawn, though I am glad to have hooked some readers. No, I am issuing a cheer for the actions of the University Interscholastic League (UIL).

The UIL has just redrawn school district competition lines and the changes made will affect the most important line, the bottom line.

Redistricting is important to the UIL and its member schools because it determines match ups in our all important competitions and feats of strength. For many Texans these lines are an obsession. I’m sure if those taxpayers realized just how much money they could be saving by changing the culture around high school competitions including smarter district layouts they would reevaluate that fixation.

Last year I wrote about Fort Worth Area Schools traveling all the way to Abilene and Amarillo schools traveling to San Angelo, for in district football games. These lengthy trips were not made with a streamlined troop but were 8 bus convoys costing in the tens of thousands.

The UIL took a look at this practice and cut costs. The take from an Amarillo resident on the savings that will be realized in Austin ISD and more appropriate uses for tax dollars is sound.

Perhaps now AISD can use all that travel money for other uses, such as classroom maintenance or the purchase of educational equipment.

I echo, “Welcome back, fiscal sanity.” Let’s hope it is back to stay and not the flavor of the week in the cafeteria.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.