With the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and government efforts to combat it keeping millions of Texans in their homes, more and more families are reaching into the deep recesses of their kitchen cabinets to retrieve long-neglected cooking equipment and put it to use.

And as folks attempt to brush up on their culinary skills, they’re looking for help. In the past 30 days, the search for the term “recipe” has increased dramatically on Google—eclipsing the records set at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For the discerning home chefs, Taste of Home, Southern Living, and other time-tested sources are a good place to start. But what about Texas Scorecard?

Or perhaps more aptly, why not Texas Scorecard?

We’ve determined that having some trusted and tested recipes would be pretty sweet.

Speaking of sweet, we’ve decided to start with dessert.

So, here’s how this is going to work:

Between now and Friday, April 3, at 5 p.m., submit your favorite original or family dessert recipe to submission@empowertexans.com for review.

Over the weekend and next week, members of the Texas Scorecard staff will prepare and review selected recipes in the “Life” section of our news site.

Exceptional entries will receive a modest prize and the knowledge that they shared something sweet with thousands of Texans.

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the Vice President of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. A 6th Generation Texan, Cary attended Texas A&M University was active in a number of conservative causes including Ted Cruz's Senate campaign. He has also worked on campaigns to elect conservatives to Congress and the Texas Legislature. Cary enjoys college football, genealogy research, and the occasional craft beer.