Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that Texas is suing the Biden administration over the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security parole program, which unlawfully allows thousands of illegal aliens into the country.

According to Paxton’s office:

Congress has authorized parole only for foreign aliens who meet very specific standards that have not been met in this instance. Yet, contrary to existing law, the program creates a pathway for program participants to apply from their home country and gain lawful status to enter and stay in the U.S. for up to two years, or even longer.

Indeed, parole can only be granted for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit,” according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. “Parole is not intended to be used solely to avoid normal visa processing procedures and timelines, to bypass inadmissibility waiver processing, or to replace established refugee processing channels.”

Victor Avila, a retired special agent for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), was authorized to give out parole paperwork in very specific circumstances; he previously told Texas Scorecard parole was generally only awarded to confidential informants or in a matter of life and death.

However, the Biden administration has created a parole program for Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Haitians simply because they were crossing the border in record-breaking numbers.

“Every state in America, especially border states like Texas, is being crushed by the impacts of illegal immigration,” said Paxton. “The Biden open borders agenda has created a humanitarian crisis that is increasing crime and violence in our streets, overwhelming local communities, and worsening the opioid crisis. This unlawful amnesty program, which will invite hundreds of thousands of aliens into the U.S. every year, will only make this immigration crisis drastically worse.”

“We applaud AG Ken Paxton for fighting this abuse of federal immigration law by the open borders radicals in the Biden administration,” Chris Russo, president of Texans for Strong Borders, told Texas Scorecard. “These categorical parole programs are blatantly illegal and must be stopped.”

The full lawsuit can be viewed here.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.