It’s no wonder teachers unions want to burn Corey DeAngelis’ new book “The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids from the Radicals Ruining Our Schools.” The book was released on May 15 to wide acclaim from parents looking to reclaim K-12 education from the control of the unionized political left.

Grounded in DeAngelis’ own experiences as a government school student in San Antonio, “The Parent Revolution” offers a scathing critique of the socialistic public education system and lays the blame squarely at the feet of leftist teachers unions.

“My terrible educational experience spurred me to fight for policies that would ensure that no child should have to endure a similar situation,” he said.

While the systemic problems in public education are not new, DeAngelis documents how government school shutdowns in response to COVID exposed both the self-interest of union-driven policies and the racial and gender ideologies being taught within public schools at leftist unions’ behest.

National teachers unions not only pushed the federal government to recommend extended school closures, which resulted in disastrous learning loss, but they also influenced the feds to treat parents who pushed back as “domestic terrorists.”

That’s why DeAngelis dedicated his book to the parents fighting for their children’s education and the unions themselves for showing their “true colors” and sparking the parent revolution.

DeAngelis writes that “if COVID taught parents anything, it was that the unions and their Democratic allies couldn’t be trusted to keep schools open and keep politics out of the classroom.”

So what were parents to do?

“The Parent Revolution” describes how a newly awakened “Parents Party” began advocating for solutions broadly explained as “school choice.” The plans focus on financially empowering parents to select education options that best suit their children—what DeAngelis calls funding students, not systems.

While the government is committed to funding education, DeAngelis notes that the government does not have to operate schools.

DeAngelis documents how parent demand has driven a “tidal wave” of states to implement or expand school choice during the past few years.

Texas is not yet one of them.

While Gov. Greg Abbott made parental empowerment a top legislative priority for 2023, a coalition of Democrat and Republican lawmakers in the Texas House rejected school choice plans.

Abbott responded by actively engaging in this year’s Republican primary to defeat school choice opponents, setting the stage for a favorable school choice vote in 2025.

DeAngelis asserts there is “no going back to the pre-COVID world in which radicals can hide from parents what they’re doing in the classroom.”

“America’s education system has reached a tipping point,” he writes. “The teachers unions and far-left radicals have abused their power by turning government schools into indoctrination centers, pushing their fundamentalist ideology on a captive audience of children.”

But he adds that the job of parents is not done. The ongoing parent revolution involves:

  • Exercising parental voices with local school boards and state legislators,
  • Making schools and school boards transparent and accountable,
  • Ending indoctrination and protecting students from woke ideology,
  • Banning teachers unions, and
  • Adopting universal education choice in all 50 states.

“For far too long in K-12 education, the only special interests represented the employees—the adults, the system,” DeAngelis says. “But now, the kids have a union of their own: their parents.”

DeAngelis will sign copies of “The Parent Revolution” at the Republican Party of Texas Convention in San Antonio on May 24-25.

Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard, reporting on state and local issues, events, and government actions that impact people in communities throughout Texas and the DFW Metroplex. A native Texan, Erin grew up in the Houston area and now lives in Collin County.