The Reality of Hope

Today Michael and I were in West Texas meeting and eating with a great bunch of El Pasoans. It was an honor and pleasure to make their acquaintances.

As I greeted our guests I felt as though some could be categorized as curious, others hesitant, and still others anxious, but after the program most seemed motivated. This motivation is much needed if we are to see any meaningful change to Texas’ political landscape.

The message that we have been delivering over the past month and indeed the one we have been spreading since the end of the 80th legislative session is that tangible results are possible when we band together and hold our legislators accountable for their actions.

Far too often Texans feel powerless and overwhelmed in a political system dominated by entrenched special interests. The truth is that when we each do our part to promote good ideas, pay attention and react quickly to bad policy, we can be far more powerful than any special interest.

In recent days the word “hope” has been hijacked by political candidates who portend that hope is what will result from Americans relying on the government take care of their troubles, growing government programs and regulating daily life in the process.

Real hope is the realization of the exact opposite, the realization of TFR’s core message and the recognition that special interests can be defeated and that individuals are powerful.

Please join us and others who desire real change to our state’s taxing and spending crisis.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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