Real Spending Limits, Budget Transparency Highlighted In Letters

AUSTIN, Texas – By the thousands, Texans are demanding that the legislature act now on significant budget reforms that will provide for a strong spending limit and real spending transparency.

Thousands of postcards and letters from Texas voters to their legislators were presented at a Capitol press conference this morning. They were then hand-delivered to the legislators’ offices. (Sign the letter online!)

“Taxpayer protections have strong public support. The people of Texas are demanding significant budget reform,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (read his prepared comments). “With only 25 days left in the legislative session, it’s critical that lawmakers act now to approve reforms that protect taxpayers.”

Sullivan made his comments at a press conference held at the Capitol by Texas Governor Rick Perry, and attended by the legislators leading the reform efforts.

“Protecting taxpayers from the unchecked growth of government, and ensuring honest and transparent budgeting, is good public policy,” added Sullivan.

The postcards highlight specific legislation that lawmakers should support, including House Joint Resolution 2 and House Joint Resolution 53 – both constitutional amendments to strengthen the state’s spending limit. HJR 53 would also set spending limits for local government.

“Texas’ state government has been doubling every decade. We need a limit that will check that growth to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely and effectively,” said Sullivan.

Other legislation supported in the mailing includes efforts to increase budget transparency. Those reforms were consolidated into one bill, HB 3430, that passed the House unanimously.

Finally, the people are calling on lawmakers to eliminate taxes that are no longer needed, such as would be accomplished by HB 735 in eliminating the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund tax. That legislation has also passed the House.

“When the legislative session concludes, Texas’ taxpayers will know whether or not this is a Legislature committed to protecting their interests and letting them keep more of their hard-earned money.”

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