With former President Donald Trump weighing in on Texas races, a Republican incumbent lawmaker’s anti-Trump social media posts and refusal to support him is being highlighted by his opponents.

First elected to the House in 2016, State Rep. Justin Holland (R–Heath) has drawn the ire of conservatives with a series of high-profile votes in contradiction to the party’s priorities this year—including his opposition to school choice and his support for raising the age to buy certain firearms.

That has earned Holland two opponents in the Republican primary election: former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson and businessman Dennis London.

As early voting continues, attention is being placed on social media posts by Holland disparaging Trump and saying he will not support him.

In March of 2023, as Trump held a rally in Waco—his first of the election—Holland wrote on Twitter that the former president was “not welcome in Texas.”

That wasn’t the only time. The previous year, after Trump addressed the annual National Rifle Association Convention in Houston, Holland said he was “out of touch” and “not a true Statesman.”

“He {continually} disappoints our state and country. Such a waste of opportunity. I cannot support this man again. And won’t,” wrote Holland.

He was reacting to a comment made by Trump that some scheduled speakers disappointed him by not showing up to the event, which some interpreted as an attack on Gov. Greg Abbott. However, Abbott has endorsed Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

While Trump has rolled out endorsements in a series of House races in Texas, thus far he has remained on the sidelines in the HD 33 race. Pierson, meanwhile, has received the endorsement of Attorney General Ken Paxton and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Abbott, who has endorsed against several incumbents like Holland who voted against school choice, has also stayed quiet on the race thus far.

House District 33 includes Rockwall County and part of Collin County. 

As of publishing, Holland did not respond to a request for comment on his social media posts.

Brandon Waltens

Brandon serves as the Senior Editor for Texas Scorecard. After managing successful campaigns for top conservative legislators and serving as a Chief of Staff in the Texas Capitol, Brandon moved outside the dome in order to shine a spotlight on conservative victories and establishment corruption in Austin. @bwaltens