Texans for Vaccine Choice’s fifth annual Freedom Fight, a rally to support medical liberty, drew hundreds of Texans to the state capitol.

The annual rally, which took place on Wednesday, attracted Texans from across the state and allowed them to share stories of vaccine injuries, talk to like-minded citizens, and hear speakers from across the nation discuss the epidemic of vaccine mandates.

“It [is an] an opportunity for our legislators, staff, and the general public to connect with our network of tens of thousands of fellow Texans who value their rights to informed consent and medical privacy,” said Michelle Evans, legislative director of Texans for Vaccine Choice.

The event hosted a variety of speakers including lawmakers, pilots, United States military veterans, nurses, doctors, and filmmaker and vaccine activist Del Bigtree.

State Sens. Lois Kolkhorst (R–Brenham), Mayes Middleton (R–Wallisville) and Bob Hall (R–Edgewood) gave speeches at the rally, as well as State Reps. Nate Schatzline (R–Fort Worth), Tony Tinderholt (R–Arlington), Brian Harrison (R–Waxahachie), and Bryan Slaton (R–Greenville). While State Rep. Cody Vasut (R–Angleton) was unable to attend, he offered a speech to be read in his stead.

The “champion” lawmakers encouraged the grassroots activists to continue fighting for medical freedom, informed consent, and the removal of vaccine mandates. While these lawmakers opted to fight for Texans’ freedom, other legislators have refused to listen to citizens.

During his speech, Middleton said, “This is a really simple issue. It truly is. It’s about medical freedom. It’s about personal choice. And it’s about informed consent as well.”

“There is a slogan that has been out there for a long time, and I think we need to adopt it: ‘My body, my choice,’” said Hall during the rally. “It is appropriate. No mandate. It is our body; it is our God given right to make our choices.”

The lawmakers continued calling the activists to action, saying it is up to them to continue drawing attention to this severe issue.

Drs. Danielle Gamboa and Bryan Ardis also gave speeches during the rally.

Dr. Gamboa’s Farmersville clinic never closed during the height of COVID. Although she has been fighting for medical freedom long before then, Gamboa recently spoke out against the COVID vaccine and vaccine mandates.

The next speaker was Dr. Ardis, a chiropractor known for his refusal to accept the COVID response and vaccine, and for fighting for informed consent and medical liberty. In his speech, Ardis promised to watch lawmakers’ actions during the 88th Legislative Session.

“We’re going to hold you accountable,” said Ardis. “On behalf of all Texans and parents, I applaud you. I support you. And if y’all [Texans] won’t hold these lawmakers accountable, I will.”

“Anybody in this country or in this world who deprives you of your right to make a choice is anti-God,” Ardis explained. “Why would we put faith in them to preserve the rights and freedoms God granted us when this country was founded?”

United Airlines pilot Laura Cox also spoke to the gathering. Cox has been a pilot for more than 30 years. Following the COVID vaccine enforcement, she founded Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom as a response to the firing and discrimination of multiple airline employees who wanted medical liberty.

Since suffering a vaccine injury due to the COVID jab mandates, Dr. Pete Chambers, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, has been advocating for U.S. military personnel against the COVID mandates. Following the loss of his job after his vaccine injury, Chambers is planning to continue to fight to end COVID mandates and regain medical liberty.

Others present at the rally who are pursuing an end to mass COVID mandates and forced vaccinations included two registered nurses: Priscilla Romans, the founder of a patient advocate program called Graith Care, and Jennifer Bridges, who founded Guardians of Medical Choice following her lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital in May 2021 for their forced vaccination policy.

The final speaker at the rally was nationally known Del Bigtree, a television and film producer, host of The HighWire, and CEO of Informed Consent Action Network, an anti-vaccine group that advocates for vaccine choice and informed consent.

Bigtree explained that politicians won’t stop with the COVID shot: “They will never stop with this insanity as long as they have power over our bodies.”

“It was always about you,” Bigtree said, referring to those in the audience and people across the world. “Seven billion people [are being] forcibly vaccinated with products that they get paid for, whether they work or not.”

This year’s Freedom Fight was a success, according to Rebecca Hardy, president of Texans for Vaccine Choice.

“We are all blown away by the number of Texans that showed up strong today.” Hardy said. “This is our fifth Freedom Fight, which is our opportunity to set the tone for this legislative session. We are here to tell those state representatives and state senators that we demand an end to the medical tyranny and the medical overreach that we have all been living through over the last three years. It is time to end mandates and put Texans first, because Texans call the shots!”

Citizens can use Texas Scorecard’s Elected Officials Directory to contact their elected officials and ask how they will vote to protect medical liberty.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.