Throughout the last session, State Rep. Vicki Truitt kept repeating the same line when confronted about her fiscally irresponsible bill to hike gas taxes and impose new fees, “I will fall on my sword over this.” Well that must have been a blunt sword or she has recovered quickly from her wound because Truitt is backing away from her own legislation.

The Star Telegram reports that Truitt is mum on if reelected she would back a similar local option bill. During the session, she said that her “people” wanted it and she vowed to return and push for the same measures in 2011.

If the district wanted the bill so badly then why is Truitt not running on it? The only thing that has changed fundamentally from the end of the session is that she is being challenged on her record of reckless fiscal policy. If her district wanted this bill so badly why did Truitt repeat ad nauseam that she would fall on her sword over the tax hike? It seems that if they really wanted it, there would be no sword on which to fall.

After her failed attempt to raise the gas tax and increase user fees during the session, Truitt managed to attract three primary challengers. All are tackling many issues, but are united in their opposition to her tax bill.

Hopefully Rep. Truitt’s newfound silence on tax-hikes will translate into a better policy position if she manages to be re-elected.

After all, everyone clearly wants to solve the very real congestion and mobility issues plaguing north Texas. That can best be done by first ending gas-tax diversions, bringing full transparency to local transportation expenditures, full accountability in funding, and driving all transportation dollars to projects that can be proven to bring relief and improve mobility. Under the plan promoted by conservatives, the metroplex would have more dollars and more relief. Under the 2008 plan Truitt is now running away from, taxpayers would have simply had higher taxes.

Here’s a link a to blog on Truitt’s end-of-session promise to crusade for higher taxes.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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