I’ve told my audience, in legislative session after session, what disdain the wealthy Dallas state senator John Carona has for conservatives and his fellow Republicans who reject his big-government version of Republicanism.

Now we can add traditional Judeo-Christian tenets to the list of things Senator Carona had no respect for as the Dallas Voice, a homosexual-news focused outlet, reports: “Sen. Carona among 1st Republican legislators in Texas to back gay rights.” By that they actually mean extra rights for homosexuals and there is little gay, or happy, about any of it.

“Carona told Instant Tea he would support bills in Texas to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment; offer domestic partner benefits to state university employees; and allow same-sex adoptive parents to have both names on birth certificates,” the story reported. All three measures are expected to be priorities for the homosexual lobby in the next session.

Think about that. You would have to hire a big harry man in makeup and a dress to work as your restaurant host(ess?) if such applied for the job if Carona and his anti-traditional friends have their merry way. And no matter what you think of homosexuality and all its variants, this line of regulation adds yet another full set of lawsuit fear and avoidance expense before Texas’ businesses.

Carona also said he is “evolving” on same-sex marriage but added that he’s “not there yet,” according to the Dallas Voice.

Carona also pointed out “that during his 22 years in the Legislature – six as a state representative and the last 16 as a senator — he’s been an independent voice who is not afraid to go against the Republican establishment.”

What he really means is that he doesn’t respect the beliefs of the Republicans who elected him and really doesn’t care if they know it. We need fewer of his type making it past GOP primary elections.


Update: “Sen. Carona reportedly backtracks on LGBT support, but we’ve got the audio


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