Property Taxes

Texas Taxpayer Funded Lobbying & Blogging

The Galveston Daily News reported this month that the board of the Galveston Independent School District voted to pay the Austin consulting firm Moak, Casey & Associates up to $15,000 to lobby the Texas Education Agency (TEA) on their behalf.  The lobbyistspecific purpose of this arrangement is to get TEA to agree to a swap between the money the district will receive to buy down school property taxes and the money they will owe the state in Robin Hood payments.  Suffice it to say, the article states that some questioned why district officials just don't call TEA themselves to find out whether this is feasible.

Where There is a Hill, Is There a Way for Taxpayers?

The Texas House Local Government Ways and Means Committee chaired by State Rep. Fred Hill (R-Richardson) has released its interim report.  News coverage of the report has centered on its opposition to appraisal caps, which was hardly surprising since Chairman Hill has been among the most vociferous critics of such caps. 

Killing the Business Tax…

 When Texas lawmakers instituted the “gross margins” business tax, it is a safe bet they didn’t expect trail-lawyer-extraordinaire Mark Lanier to sue them over it. But that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing, according to today’s Houston Chronicle.