The Texas Minute

You’re busy. You don’t have time to listen to every talk show and scour all the news sites. You don’t want to deal with paywalls or subsidize leftist publications. You want to start your day with real news for real Texans, from people who share your values.

For you, our publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan offers the Texas Minute – free of charge and ad-free! Every weekday, the Texas Minutes is available in two forms: the original email, and the new podcast.


Each week day morning, the Texas Minute brings you the real news impacting the Lone Star State. Hosted by Michael Quinn Sullivan, the Texas Minute ensures real Texans start their day with the news and information they need.
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Delivered free to your inbox each week day morning around 6 a.m. with the news and links you need to be an effective citizen in the Lone Star State! It is widely considered the most popular news email in Texas, and an essential must-read for real Texans everywhere.