As the impact of social media on the political dialogue continues to grow, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility now has more more than 30,000 fans on Facebook. This makes the TFR’s social media presence the largest of any Texas-based news organization, policy, or political group.

“Since our inception, we’ve focused the work of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility on connecting the Lone Star State’s voters and taxpayers with their government and the issues affecting their lives,” said the organization’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “We’re excited to serve as a conduit of information, providing tools allowing voters to connect with each other and their elected public servants.”

Sullivan said much of the growth is due to the work of TFR’s social media coordinator, Dustin Matocha.

TFR now has more than 30,000 friends on social media giant Facebook.

“The direction we’ve taken is pretty simple,” said Matocha. “We just try to connect and interact individually with people and provide content they can use.”

Matocha noted that the social media strategy has relied on organic growth, optimizing stories and blog posts for sharing, and targeted Facebook advertising.

“Facebook in specific, and social media in general, is to this political generation what the barber shop and side-yard fence were in previous generations,” said Matocha. “With Facebook you get highly personal interactions while sites like Twitter offer users the unique ability to find quick-takes on breaking events from friends, people they respect and traditional media organizations.”

The organization’s Facebook page can be found here.

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