What’s $500,000 worth to you? To Dallas ISD, that’s the price to pay for new Superintendent Mike Miles. He’ll be taking over a district currently in the process of suing the state for more money.

Dallas ISD just hired Mike Miles as the district’s new superintendent at a price of $300,000 per year. Lucrative bonuses embedded in Mile’s contract, totaling up to $200,000 annually, are appalling considering the district faces another budget shortfall this year and is currently suing the State of Texas over its school funding system.

The aforementioned lucrative bonuses include $125,000 per year for meeting “student achievement goals,” yet to be determined by the district, and $75,000 per year if Miles meets certain performance goals.

In addition, Miles is entitled to a $500 per month vehicle allowance and a $250 per month cell phone allowance. That’s the equivalent of about four teacher’s annual salary in bonuses alone.

This year DISD is facing a budget shortfall of up to $38 million. The district plans on dealing with the shortfall by closing schools and cutting more than 200 teaching positions.

Not to mention Dallas ISD is a part of a coalition of schools suing the state over its school funding system.

By this action, the district claims that the state is to blame for its budget shortfalls, but on closer examination, DISD officials prove that they have been mismanaging taxpayer money for years.

The school district’s attempt to vilify those in the Legislature as if the state is the cause for their abhorred fiscal mismanagement is a ploy that just won’t work. Remember, this is the same district that was exposed by the Dallas Morning News for their profligate waste of more than $81 million – or about 1,500 teaching positions – from 2006 to 2010.

Administrative excess has clearly become business as usual for Dallas ISD, and the contract for the new superintendent serves as another example of the glaring hypocrisy of public school educrats.