Remember that bike-share program pedaled by the Austin City Council in 2011? It’s set for launch later this year.

Two years ago, reports surfaced about the Austin City Council’s willingness to shell out $1.8 million on a “bike-share” program. Austin Bike Program Coordinator Annick Beaudet said in an interview with KLBJ at that time, “We don’t have the money.”

But when has that ever stopped Austin City Council from spending tax dollars anyway?

Austinites will now be able to rent bikes (which cost taxpayers $1,500 each) downtown starting June 10.

Part of the program will include a “public input campaign” that will be launched before tax-subsidized bikes are available to rent. Much like the “plastic bag ban campaign,” the city will spend tax dollars to convince residents their city council isn’t wasting time (and money) implementing something the free market could do better.

Sadly, few Austinites seem to care. Look no further than the $14 million bike bridge coming to Mopac in the near future, or the plastic bag ban set to go into effect at the end of the month.

San Antonio has their bike-share program in place, while Fort Worth is set to launch their boondoggle on Earth Day. Taxpayers in the rest of the state should demand their elected officials deflate the tires on such future programs before they have the chance to roll into their communities.