Despite the irony of anyone in Washington D.C. pointing fingers at wasteful spenders, taxpayers in San Antonio should take note of the accusations laid against their city officials. If the city can’t manage to properly spend $1.1 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, how can they be trusted to run a new government department for Pre-K?

Our friends at the Texas Watchdog report that H.U.D. is accusing San Antonio officials of improperly administering a $1.1 million grant, saying “the city did not understand the program rules.”

While San Antonio taxpayers should be upset about the misuse of their federal tax dollars, they should also be concerned about the implications this has for the future.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

These same city officials will soon be in charge of even more tax dollars, provided San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gets his way.

Castro proposed increasing local sales taxes by 1/8 of a cent to pay for a new Pre-K program. Apparently as long as it’s “for the children,” liberals like Castro have no problem raising taxes to spend more money on duplicative government services.

It is, after all, just other people’s money to him.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Mayor Castro is one step closer to getting his new layer of government. The San Antonio City Council approved putting his proposal up for a vote on the November ballot.

If voters don’t get out and put a stop to it, Castro and his big-spending buddies will have an extra $30 million a year to use. Based on their apparent incompetence in handling just $1 million, San Antonio taxpayers better hold on tight to their wallets when they head to the polls this November.


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