It seems Dan Flynn (R – Van) has no problem misleading voters into thinking he still has the endorsement of grassroots conservative leaders. Just recently, Flynn sent out a mail piece advertising a quote of support from a prominent tea party group that was given to him years ago, despite the leader of the group endorsing his challenger this primary cycle.

It’s not the first time Rep. Flynn has told voters he has the endorsement of prominent grassroots Texans, only to be reprimanded publicly. Last month, the Flynn campaign passed out materials with an outdated statement of support from Cathie Adams, head of Texas Eagle Forum. Adams endorsed Flynn’s primary challenger Bryan Slaton this cycle.

“I never gave Dan permission to use my endorsement on his campaign material for this election.” stated Adams. “I supported him in the past because he used to vote more conservatively, until Dan chose to serve the Austin establishment, rather than his constituents.”

“I’m proud to support Bryan Slaton, and I’m confident he won’t make the same mistakes Flynn has made,”

– Cathie Adams

Now, the Slaton campaign is pointing out another blatant misrepresentation by Flynn of past support, this time from Michael Kinzie, president of Tea Party 911. In a video posted to Slaton’s campaign Facebook page, Kinzie chastises Flynn for sending out mail into the district using a quote of support Kinzie gave him years ago, despite Kinzie endorsing Slaton in this campaign.


“Hi, this is Michael Kinzie, president of Tea Party 911. You recently received a mailer from Dan Flynn with a quote our group wrote about him years ago before he sold out to the Austin establishment. Mr. Flynn is trying to use our quote as an endorsement for his campaign, but I’m proudly supporting Bryan Slaton. Many of us who have known Flynn for quite some time have seen how his 14 years in Austin changed the man he is, and not in a good way. Please ignore the mailer you recently received and know that I’m proudly supporting Bryan Slaton.”


Slaton has also earned endorsements from leading grassroots leaders and organizations including JoAnn Fleming, President of Grassroots America / We the People and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Early voting for the March 1st primary begins on February 16th.


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Dustin Matocha

Dustin Matocha is the CFO and COO of Texas Scorecard. Dustin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Management, a BA in Government, and a minor in Marketing. He’s a self-described Corvette enthusiast, baseball purist, tech geek and growing connoisseur of local craft beer.