Despite having received widespread condemnation last year by state leaders, Democrats in the Texas Legislature continue to march forward in their attempts to strip law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights by filing “Red Flag” legislation in the Texas House. State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, an Austin Democrat, filed HB 1208 Wednesday, adding to the growing number of anti-gun bills piling up in the 86th Legislature.

First floated in Gov. Greg Abbott’s “School and Firearm Safety Action Plan” last year, so-called “Red Flag Laws” would allow “law enforcement, a family member, school employee or a district attorney” to seek the removal of all firearms from an individual deemed “dangerous,” without that person having ever being indicted or convicted of a felonious offense.

Republicans pointed out the obvious flaws in such legislation, leading to Lt. Gov Dan Patrick to say such legislation would be dead-on-arrival in the Texas Senate, adding that Abbott “has since said he doesn’t advocate for ‘Red Flag’ laws.

“Regarding the topic of ‘Red Flag’ laws, which was discussed today in the select committee, I have never supported these policies, nor has the majority of the Texas Senate. A bill offered last session garnered little support,” Patrick’s said at the time.

Most recently, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnenset the record straight” as it relates to Second Amendment legislation this past weekend on Facebook, saying he expected his chamber “to see if we might be able to actually strengthen the rights for those of us who are responsible gun owners,” under his watch.

Republican consensus on the issue has apparently done little to deter Democrats from attempting to whittle away at Texans’ gun rights so far this session.

Destin Sensky

Destin Sensky serves as a Capitol Correspondent for Texas Scorecard covering the Texas Legislature, working to bring Texans the honest and accurate coverage they need to hold their elected officials in Austin accountable.