With the 85th legislative session having come to a presumed halt, Texas Democrats have begun to hit the campaign trail and are eyeing one of the most conservative members of the Texas Senate.

Already, a Democrat is announcing his intent to challenge State Sen. Don Huffines (R-Dallas), a conservative stalwart who is up for reelection in 2018. The Democrat is Nathan Johnson, an attorney and small business owner from Dallas.

Since winning his election back in 2014, Huffines has been one of the most conservative legislators in Austin. Together with his colleagues in the Texas Senate, Huffines has a strong record on numerous conservative causes including tax relief, school choice, term limits, and seeking to limit government.

Huffines also led the fight on ending the financially mismanaged bus bureaucracy  Dallas County Schools and eliminating the unnecessary and onerous vehicle inspection tax.

Predictably enough, Johnson represents a much bigger government outlook. On his campaign’s website, he criticizes Huffines’ support for cutting welfare and refers to the conservative school choice legislation that came out of the Senate, but failed to become law this past session, as “an assault on public education.”

Johnson also takes aim at Huffines for his support of the Texas Privacy Act and preserving Texas women’s security, as well as the sanctuary city legislation Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law.

While Huffines’ consistent and reliably conservative record would almost guarantee his reelection in most senate districts, the slice of Dallas he represents could be prone to becoming a swing district in the coming midterm election.   

For conservatives, patriots, and “liberty lovers” this means reelecting State Senator Don Huffines, a conservative with a proven record of supporting the rule of law, fighting to limit government, and protecting citizens’ rights.

Austin Goss

Austin Goss is the Capitol Correspondent for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Austin is a Christian, soldier in the United States Army Reserves, and a student at the University of Texas at Austin. Follow Austin on Twitter @AG_Legacy


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