The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
I Want My AM Radio

Chris and Sean talk about auto makers attacking AM radio and bizzare, left-wing behavior at Fox News.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Make your appointment today at your That’s your and save yourself $1,000 Just by mentioning this podcast g4 by goalpara powered by technology inspired by patients you know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him I have a question for me one might even go so far as a mediocre I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is I really did he still single score podcast Vivek rom Swami, how many of you know this guy? He’s a conservative is running for the Republican nomination for president. And actually, it’s pronounced Vivek but everybody calls him Vivek. Vivek Ramaswamy. Up, this guy is making headway this guy is making leaps and bounds and popularity in the Republican contest. Well, I should say in second place for the Republican contest, new Harvard poll out says that, that Donald Trump is 40% 40 points above his nearest Republican challenger that would be Governor Ron DeSantis. But Governor Ron DeSantis is fast getting eclipsed by the aforementioned Vivek Ramaswamy. And we’re hearing that there is a reboot going on in the DeSantis campaign at this point. And by the way, that same poll, the Harvard poll has Donald J. Trump, President Trump ahead of Beijing Biden by five points, surging ahead because Beijing Biden, is this close to bring us to war. The economy is not at all good. Everybody’s feeling it. Everybody knows and understands it. Everybody’s spending more money than we’ve ever had to the Democrats priorities about building government that could give a rat’s ass about about us about we the people and how we’re making ends meet as long as government’s taken care of that’s all they they really care about. So Vivek Ramaswamy is making headlines because he is now making a serious play for the second position, and the GOP primary right behind Donald Trump. And Vivek actually said something over the weekend, he put up a posting out that has a lot of people nodding in agreement. Now he he put this out with this tweet, the invisible hand behind Mexican drug cartels is really the CCP, the Communist China party, the China Communist Party. This is their modern opium war against America. Time to wake up. Now, many of you know that Jason Jones, who is Newsmax is border correspondent. He has been going on with us on radio and here on the podcast and on television, telling us that he has video drone video of entrenched in placements on the southern border in Mexico. Meaning these, like you’d see in a war zone, you know, they’ve got the sandbags built up. And guys with long guns, militarized style long guns walking around, who’s financing all of that many of you might say, well, the narco terrorist, yeah. Where are the narco terrorists getting their base? Their base? Ingredients, if you will, for fentanyl? It’s all coming from communist China. And where are those weapons coming from? Many of us are speculating it’s coming from communist China. Why? Because that is a huge national security threat right on our southern border. And if it’s compromising America’s national security Joe Biden and the Democrats, good friends, Communist China, they’re behind it. So here’s what Vivek had to say about all this. So here’s the thing about the Fentanyl crisis in the United States. It is completely supply side driven. What does that mean? It’s not just the fact that people have this raging demand for fentanyl. All of a sudden, it started when we started to see flooding of fentanyl across our southern border. So what’s going on there? The thing that’s going on is that China’s effectively waging a modern opium war on the United States, they had their experience of that a long time ago, they’re now using that same tactic against the US, where China is providing raw materials at really inexpensive prices, low prices, to Mexican drug cartels. Well, if you’re the Mexican drug cartels that just expanded your profit margin because now your inputs to production to synthetic production of fentanyl just went down by a lot. That allows you to profit more if you’re able to sell more, that then created the incentive for them to push more fentanyl across the southern border, including through their networks that are now by the way in the United States. And not only causing violence directly in the United States, but supplying fentanyl across the country. Yeah, not only that, but what about 100,000 Plus deaths every single year courtesy of fentanyl, how about this poison, three grains of this poison in your hand, can kill you. It can kill you. It’s a bio it’s a bio weapon. Not only is it a drug, it’s a bio weapon lovingly provided by the Democrats, good friends, Communist China, contributing to over 100,000 deaths per year, due to fentanyl in the United States. That’s over 50 times the number of people who died on the day of 911. So we have to wake up to that reality. What do we do about it? If it’s a supply side problem, you deal with the supply problem. In fact, there’s even good evidence now there’s books being written about it, of Chinese actors in Mexico itself, helping to create even synthetically create that fentanyl that cartels are using to send across the southern border. What do we need? We need a US president willing to use military force to annihilate those cartels if we can use our military to take out ISIS or somewhere something somebody else somewhere across the world? Yeah, if we can use our military in Ukraine, which we’re hearing words now, from those on military bases that are our our military personnel are training and trenches. They’re training and trenches on military bases, really, in trenches? Where are you planning on sending our folks, Beijing Biden, when you hear about a carrier groups practicing for a war, when you hear about Vladimir Putin, deploying the Wagner group to Bella ruse, and now saying, Oh, we have designs on reacquiring, Poland, and NATO country, it doesn’t take very much imagination to go, Oh, you’re talking about World War Three, we can do it to the drug cartels south of our own border, we can call Mexico say, Look, we’re going to aid you in doing this for a fraction of what we spent in Ukraine. But if the Mexican President isn’t willing to carry it out, the US needs to be willing to do it on our own. And that is how we solve the Fentanyl crisis, as opposed to just being a passive bystander, which I refuse to do. As US President. There you go, the vague, Ramaswamy folks talking about using military force to guard our borders, in essence. I mean, it doesn’t take much imagination for a conservative like me to also imagine that once our troops are deployed down to Mexico to take out the supply chain of the poison that is harming this country. You know, while we have our military down there, we might as well respond to the military entrenchments the military style entrenchments that are already on place. weaponizing, our southern border against us, folks, our southern border is militarized by our enemies and not by us. And because we have Democrats, socialists, and Wall Street Journal type Republicans in charge, guess what, we don’t respond? Because hey, those people are protected by men and women with guns. And they really don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to you and me. We the People, folks, the show behind the show with our buddy Sean Chastain roars your way, next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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And you can learn how it affects our state by going to Texas Today, get real news for real Texas, folks. It’s time for the show behind the show. Our buddy Sean Chastain joining us as we head into a new week. What’s up my man? Not much. I’ve had a crick in my net for the last three days. And there is not much more of a thing that’s apparently I can’t talk because of my crick in my neck. There’s nothing more annoying than that. Or not much more annoying than that. Because you feel fine. But then you got to move your head to look in the mirror or something and Dang, it just hurts. It’s just so frustrating. Do you go to a chiropractor? No, see, I that’s a right. That’s a racket. It’s not a racket it actually does it? Well. Yeah, it does. It does something for a very brief period of time. Well, then you gotta go do it again. Do you know what caused it? Why it’s a racket? Do you know what caused? I’ll probably know, probably just sleeping weird or something. You know? Are you sleeping uncomfortably because frankly, because of the weather. It’s it’s sometimes if you’re used to sleeping with covers on or because yeah, he can’t do that. No, yeah, it’s just the sheet and not much of that. So I wouldn’t come over and sneak in my house at night if I were you. Because you’re not going to be I kind of like which you’re a light sleeper. Is that what you’re trying to say? Well, no, you’re the visuals that you’re going to Oh, all right. My hot you for life. Yes. So, Sean Chasteen. We all just learned folks sleeps in the new year. That’s an image trust me you don’t want doesn’t tell me who I could not imagine sleeping with clothes on. I sleep in PJs. And let’s it’s just ungodly hot. You gotta fly that Batman flag everywhere you can? No, I don’t have any. Well, actually, I do have some YouTube. I do have some kind of superhero jam. I know. Look, it was it was a gift from my mother. It would Batman jammies and clearly knows how I love the DC Universe. And Batman is my favorite character. So yeah, so there you go. I did get a set of Batman jammies at one point that I haven’t bothered to throw out yet. So there you go. Cook. I know you too well. And you know what, only on the show behind the show? Do you actually get that kind of that kind of access? No. So So what are you gonna do about the crick in your neck? i You’re not gonna see it, you’re gonna let it go away. I mean, so of course I did what everybody does and goes to the internet. And it’s just, you know, sore muscles, it’s really hard to get to so it just basically said rest and mild neck exercises, you know, stretches as best you can and then you know, if you need some pain relievers, Some ask for Some Advil or something like that, you know, anti inflammatories. So that’s you know, I do, I’ve had some experience with this. And because I remember when when you and I were working together I’d say every once in a while you know about the the chiropractor and and the crick in the neck that I would get and it got really bad there for a while I had a chronic neck injury. You It came from sleeping, you know, just sleeping the wrong way and getting older and the narrowing in your spinal cord. As you get older, there’s a narrowing of your spinal cord so you don’t have as much leeway as you normally would. So when you get a bit something that gets pinched or inflamed, it can really be a problem. So the anti inflammatories work, icing works. And they got these rolls. I don’t know if you’ve seen this a really sturdy. Basically, it’s about the size. I’m trying to think of. Maybe a jar pickles, but it’s a long Yeah, I have seen those. Yeah. And what I don’t know people swear by those thing. Yeah, it’s a cylinder and you roll on it. Yeah, basically, it’s nice, and it’s got those, those ridges on it and your roll, you put it on your back and your roll on it, and you let your weight be the massager basically to help work out because you’re right, it’s muscular, the muscles are contracting, because there are a nervous contracting and causing your muscles are hurt and then pull your spine out of alignment. And that’s causing a pensioner which is causing your pain. So there you go. It’s just super annoying. Oh, it is I swear I mean it literally and figuratively a pain in the neck. I I’m glad I went to you. And I had a chance to talk this way. Because there has been something that’s on my mind. That’s getting a little bit of play. I got a call on the radio show last week, guy bought a brand new GMC pickup truck. No. Am radio. Yep. Well, that’s in a lot of cars. Dude. Come on. Come on, what do you think is going on here? Well, yeah, I think you know what’s going on. I mean, it does sound kind of like a conspiracy theory that only conservative talk radio is pretty much only on am or streaming. And so it may be a conspiracy theory that left us are trying to take that away, but it’s one that I can easily get on board with. Now the the manufacturers say it interferes with electric vehicles, which I don’t believe for a heartbeat. No, not with the not with the computer stuff that they have. Now. Fortunately, most am stations do have a secondary HD channel. So in the end, it’s crystal clear. And you know, it’s the exact same thing that you get on I am but it sounds really good. So I would if you have a new vehicle like that, I would check that out, check your HD if you have it and figure out how to use it because it is a little bit cumbersome sometimes. But yeah, that’s and that’s why there is legislation proposed to make sure that am stays in cars, because it’s not only conservative talk radio, but it’s very vital emergency alerts Exactly. Information exact Well, first of folks, what you got to know number one, and let’s let’s deal with human safety. First, our entire EAS system, emergency alert system is based on the am band. And in places like Texas, where will real weather happens, where life and limb are at stake, the entirety of the Emergency Alert System is based on the am band. And if all of a sudden you don’t start getting you start buying new cars that don’t have the am band, when things get wicked and life threatening, you’re not going to be able to get those alerts. That’s number one, your when your cell towers down, it’s can be tough to find a weather app. No kidding, you know. And if you’ve got a tornado bearing down on your house, you probably want to know that and the stations that produce those annoying man, or you know, sounds. I work for one of those. And so it when when there’s an alert, I’m the one that’s pushing the buttons and popping those things off. And then during this spring and fall here in Texas, especially this spring, I mean, those are going off. We had I think three or four. Thursday’s in a row with about 100 alert. Oh, sure. Each day, and that’s you know, that’s just because Texas is big, our listing area is huge. And and they’re fast moving and multiple storms bearing down on different counties. So the web service tells us what to say. And we have to make those annoying sounds and not only not only that, yeah, not only that, but again, by the way, let me reaffirm what you’re saying. There is a transistor hum that you hear on ATMs with certain electrical currents. I mean, I’ve had that in conventional cars. I’ve heard that but you can insulate that there As a way to insulate that. So I want to echo what you said, it’s complete and utter BS that the am band interferes or that the electric cars interfere with the am band. And it sounds like as well you can you can shield the antennas or shield the speaker. It’s a problem that went back to the 1954 Corvette Yeah, yeah, because the with the fiberglass body, they weren’t getting the grounding that they needed. So the radio, and that the distributor, which was you know, eighth inch of fiberglass, away from the radio was was interfering with it and making weird sounds and stuff like that. So they put a simple chrome plated tin box over the distributor, and that fixed it. So this is nothing new for the automotive world. And they absolutely know how to fix it. And very cheaply and very quickly, so I don’t buy that, that buy that for a second, I do believe the am band is is the target for what you articulated. And I think it’s telling that that they would be willing, they are so jonesing to get rid of conservative talk radios influence over the people that they put people’s lives at risk, knowing that the EAS system is based on that. But But think about this, if if if you need to get out a civil alert, you know, we’re living in a pretty dangerous world now. And also, it’s not just whether it’s you know, if you need to get instructions out to the public about a possible attack, a terror attack or what have you. You know what, it’s really, really easy to take out cell service and internet. And I can’t shake this feeling that you’ve got a bunch of people with an agenda, who are like, Yeah, we want to control information. We want to control. Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, it’s seems a little far fetched, but it’s one that I could easily get on board with. Like I said, I don’t think that’s the main reason I think it’s just cheeping out on, on the manufacturers cheeping out, because that’s just one less thing, one less chip that they have to install, and probably a dozen less chips that they have to install and stuff like that. So you know, I think it’s just cheeping out for something that, you know, maybe the liberal leanings of Karkat. The heads of car companies just say, Well, what do we need am for anyway, you know, and I’m sure a lot of these people are probably younger and have never listened to AM. And so they just don’t really get it? Well, you know, I think it’s telling that two years after the passing of Rush Limbaugh, that that now all of a sudden we’re hearing this talk in earnest. And I think that’s a I mean, what a testament to the power of Rush Limbaugh that nobody even dreamed of getting rid of am radio while he was alive in broadcasting, and then a saw their their opening with his passing. And they’re trying to exploit it. And I think it’s a testament to his tip. Just how big he was. Yes. Yeah. Maybe? I don’t know. I honestly think it’s probably just manufacturers cheeping out, but they knit but but they would never have attempted it. If if Russia was still alive. Yeah, but but as over the last 25 years, the amount of chips and stuff like that the US has just gone up exponentially. I mean, it’s cars are nothing but rolling computers now. And it’s, it’s crazy what they need. And I mean, that’s why, you know, working my side hustle, the Car Pro show. We get people all the time calling up saying My car’s been in the shop for three months, because they don’t they don’t have a chip. Oh, dear Lord. And so, I mean, so that’s why especially when COVID hit and the chip shortage really became apparent. That’s why they stopped doing it. I I don’t necessarily believe that it’s because conservative talk radio is on AM, but it wouldn’t shock me if there was some LM boardroom, in a boardroom somewhere saying, Hey, we can save, you know, $100 a car if we take out am and oh, by the way, you’re not going to hear conservative talk radio again. And so I can see that too. All right. Well, you know what? I am probably going to talk more about this in a future podcast. There was a story that came out of Moscow, Idaho, talking about conservative values now, appropriately named Moscow. Because this was the place and I don’t even know if you remember this there was at the height of the of the pandemic. You had these folks who were gathered for a church service, and they got arrested. Remember, there’s a video about these guys, they threw these kids in jail. They were outside and they weren’t wearing masks, they were outside with no masks. So they get arrested in this place called Moscow. Well, they just won a settlement $300,000 against this small liberal college town in Idaho. And I don’t know where you are on this. I, I think this is this is great. I think this is I want to see more of this. Because the idea that they could use a pandemic, to attack our rights, I find unacceptable. And I think that they need to be punished like this. They did a lot of unacceptable things during the pandemic. And of course, you know, they the media did a sufficient job of freaking it all out. And social media did a sufficient job and in keeping us away from what now seems to be the truth, as far as the efficacy of vast the efficacy of shots, you know, that kind of thing. Social media shut that all down. So if you spoke out about it, of course, you know, you were you were not allowed to. So I think that there’s going to be a lot of these kinds of things coming out. And I really hope that some employers are have their feet to the fire. Me too, because they fired some really good and creative people for not getting a shot. And that’s just not right. And, you know, to uproot somebody’s life like that, to just because they don’t want to put something virtually untested in their bodies. You know, I don’t think it’s going to be a criminal case. I think it’s going to have to be civil, because this, yeah, it’s just going to be money. I mean, it’s not, it’s not going to be anything else. But, you know, I’m really actually shocked that, especially since so many of these companies have changed their policies now where you don’t have to have the shot to work there anymore. That there just hasn’t been a class action lawsuit against huge corporations. Me too. Me too, if we can’t confuse the difference. I mean, Moscow was a government. It was Oh, yeah. Government abridgement of their First Amendment rights? Yeah, there is a different standard by which private companies are able to do those kinds of things. All I was saying was that I think we’re gonna see a lot of this stuff or, you know, churches suing municipalities or parents suing schools or something like that. I’m just Oh, yes. Surprised. I’m very surprised that there hasn’t been just a ton of class, a class action lawsuits. Yeah. I’m hoping to I hope, I hope we start seeing it because it is, you know, and I think it’s because of what’s going on in the culture right now, this this, you know, Tucker Carlson said this at a talking talking points USA gathering, he said, Nobody gets punished anymore for lying. The only time the only time you get punished is when you tell the truth. And that’s, and he’s in He’s right. He’s right about that. And that leads me into, I was gonna have one more thing on that for sure. The reason I hope that there are the lawsuits and stuff like that, is because we can’t let it ever happen again, during the next pandemic, sure. People are going to realize, whoa, we have this, this on the end of it is going to cost billions of dollars. And we just can’t have that, you know, so that’s why I want to see the lawsuits not necessarily to punish corporations now or see people made whole for their their wrongs or being wronged, just so that maybe people will know not to jerk around again. Oh, and so there needs to be a price paid. And this is I’ve been railing against these 20 Republicans who voted to let Adam Schiff off the hook. Those 18 Republicans in the Senate who voted for that $1.8 trillion omnibus, it’s like, the Democrats are going to continue to run over our rights. If you don’t, if they don’t feel it, pay a price for it. And that’s exactly what I think you’re articulating. You’ve got to when you take away somebody’s rights, you’ve got to pay a price for it. So you don’t do it again. And that’s that’s not what we’re seeing out there. And I think you’re right, I’m just as surprised as you are. That leads us to speaking about what companies can do and what governments can do and what they can and can’t do. There’s a story that has a lot of folks in the conservative movements just befuddled. Now, you and I worked together at a radio station, and we were there with a program director who brought in Fox News as the as the news source for that radio station. This was what three or four years ago now right about about four years ago, and at that time, that was in a conservative radio station that was seen as As a positive and but since the 2020 election, the name Fox has taken a serious beating because of what they pulled during the election. And then you got stories like this and I’m just jonesing to hear what you think about it. Let me read the first couple of stances out of Newsmax was Newsmax is rightly capitalizing off of the stories, reacting to reports that Fox News is promoting far left and even satanic charities through its employee donation portal. Beth Ailes, she’s the widow of Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes told Newsmax on Friday that the country is seeing from this network, the Fox network, it’s industrialized, devil worship. On Friday, the blaze reported that Fox News company portal app, Fox giving matches employee donations up to $1,000, to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood and the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center, among other Democrat left wing charities. And people like miracle what, because nothing says that as a company, you have to back this, you know, the Satanic Temple, you can donate to what you want to donate to, but Fox is doing it. What do you think? Well, it’s a poorly written plan. Here’s the only thing they could have easily had said. Yeah, you know, here’s a list of charities that we will match donations to. Exactly is enough. And if you know your Planned Parenthood isn’t on there, then I guess you don’t get the match. So it Fox completely messed up now, I I don’t have a problem holding their feet to the fire if that’s their program. And that’s what they said in it, you know, that if they just said, Hey, we’re just going to blanket match anything you give? Well, 10 you’re kind of screwed yourself. So they should they should match what you know, the program says in the fine print anyway. And the next thing I would do is be looking very seriously at those employees that that donated to do those things and question why they need to be at Fox now. I know that, you know, Fox is not the fox of Roger Ailes. So, you know, maybe they don’t care. But if I were running things at Fox, yeah, those I don’t know how long those people would be around or there may be some serious discussions about why they need to be there. Right. Well, of course, if you’re running Fox Tucker Carlson isn’t fired Dan bond Gino isn’t allowed to, to exit the building. I mean, what’s happening over there it is a it seems to me to be a steady stream of, of corporate suicide, they’re trying to change their identity. They don’t they no longer want to be known as, as the conservative. The the journalistic operation that treats conservatives fairly, they want to be known as just like any other left wing, nut job, news organization, and they’re succeeding wildly, in that and with headlines like this, and it’ll cost them eventually. Yeah, that’s fine. I mean, the old adage go woke go broke is kind of proving truth thanks to some some people who are just tired of it anymore, you know? Well, and so I don’t I don’t have a problem but if if that’s the direction they want to go and if they fail miserably and go broke Well, it was a good run, you know? 20 plus years. Yeah. Hey, man, so I’m gonna be speaking of which, speaking of going woke, have you seen any movies or do you have plans to see any movies and which ones would love to see Oppenheimer just don’t don’t go to movies by myself obviously. That’s kind of weird, but that’s just me you never you never call I mean seriously you could I can we can like meet halfway between the houses and just go on we could just go and as long as it’s not Star Wars, there’ll be no conflict. You’re not going to get his squeal like a little girl. Oppenheimer. Yeah, there you go. Yeah, it’s it you know, and I did not scream but you know, Sean Chasteen. Sean jesting insists that when we I saw when, when Han Solo and the new Star Wars films came on, I saw I made the mistake of seeing it was Shawn Chastain. And he claims I squealed. I didn’t but that but that has been a point of contention. Put your put your oldest daughter on the phone. Sean Chastain, everybody do the show behind the show, my friend talk to you next week. All right. That’s it for the Salcedo storm podcast because of a couple of websites Texas and Chris track me down and big news in the state of Texas. 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