Cole Ballweg’s business stands to make a small fortune off Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. No wonder the Democratic candidate for state representative in Tarrant County is pushing for it so hard on the campaign trail.

Ballweg is the co-founder of Vivicare Health Partners, an administrative firm that accepts Medicaid funds. It is no surpirse then, that Ballweg wants Texas to expand Medicaid under Obamacare: he’ll be in a better position to profit from taxpayers.

Ballweg is running as the liberal Democrat in House District 94 against conservative and TFR endorsee Tony Tinderholt. Despite the fact Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for our nation’s healthcare system and state budgets across America, Ballweg would like Texas to take the poison pill of federal dollars for its implementation.

Medicaid expansion is highly unpopular in Texas and was roundly rejected in the last legislative session.

Texans have rejected Obamacare because it isn’t just a bad deal for taxpayers, but because it has hurt small businesses, and even many care providers. Fortunately for Ballweg, Obamacare funds for expanding Medicaid would help his business.

A major problem with the Medicaid program is that it has been a way in which corrupt care providers fleece taxpayers. Peers of Ballweg’s own firm have been the subject of numerous cases of fraud, abuse, and subsequent criminal charges.

Politicians who seek to profit from government cause disgust among voters and fuel cynicism toward engagement in the political process. Ballweg’s self-interested gambit for state house is no different.

Texans have repeatedly said “NO” to Medicaid expansion. Will they say “NO” to Mr. Medicaid as well?