An eye-opening revelation surfaced during CNN’s Democrat Presidential Debate last night—the coalition government of liberal Republicans and Democrats in the Texas House enthusiastically support the suppression of free speech alongside self-proclaimed socialist kook, Bernie Sanders.

During his opening remarks, Sanders blamed both the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision and Super PACs as culprits for corrupting the political process at the behest of the rich and at the expense of voters, undermining “American democracy.”

Liberal Republicans in the Texas House chant the very same mantra. Although their speech suppression bill passed the House with a minority of Republican support earlier this year, it failed to become law.

In response, the runaway Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) is unlawfully creating new rules to attack First Amendment rights anyways.

I have to admit—Sanders “populist” message sounds good. After all, it’s designed to charm a well-intentioned audience. Unfortunately, he twists the truth when describing the “problem” while failing to reveal his tyrannical, socialist solution: eradicating the First Amendment for anyone who refuses to tow the big-government line.

Apparently, our nation’s problems are not corrupt politicians who make bad fiscal policy by over-taxing, -spending, and -borrowing. Nor are they those candidates who say one thing to get elected and then govern in opposite fashion. Nor is it those who sell out taxpayers by joining hands with lobbyists, political insiders and deep-pocketed special interests.

The “problem” is the entrepreneur providing for his family.

And giving corrupt politicians and bureaucrats even more money and power will somehow fix this problem. Somehow, the evil rich people won’t have access once Sanders or big-government Republicans are in charge.

All you have to do is give up your First Amendment rights.

Liberal Republicans from Texas and a socialist from Vermont all want the same thing: to silence conservatives by force.

The speech-suppressors see too much freedom as the nation’s political problem. Their solution, of course, is more government regulation.

Why can’t you crazy, right-wing extremists get on board?

Ross Kecseg

Ross Kecseg was the president of Texas Scorecard. He passed away in 2020. A native North Texan, he was raised in Denton County. Ross studied Economics at Arizona State University with an emphasis on Public Policy and U.S. Constitutional history. Ross was an avid golfer, automotive enthusiast, and movie/music junkie. He was a loving husband and father.


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