The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
Republicans Refusing to Arrest Democrats

Republicans are telling Texans they will “arrest” Democrats for breaking quorum, but we found out this week that they are all hat and no cattle. Republican leaders like Dade Phelan and Greg Abbott have no intention of arresting Democrats, and their hypocrisy has been revealed.

We also talk about the general worldview of empowering Democrats, which was revealed in January of the 87th Legislative Session when Jeff Leach attacked Bryan Slaton for opposing Democrat chairmanships.

Fast forward to this week, when Chris Turner, who was handed a powerful chairmanship by Dade Phelan, called the GOP speaker a dummy for removing Joe Moody from his speaker pro tempore position. Democrats are arrogant because they know that Republicans are scared of actually punishing them. Today we break down how all of this affects Texans. I hope you enjoy it!





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