Kambree is a native Texan, a true patriot, and a big voice in grassroots circles. A couple of years ago, she left California and came home to Texas. Upon her return, she found a state that wasn’t leading or fighting like it needs to. Kambree has hundreds of thousands of followers and is now educating Texans and calling out cowards left and right.

Conversely, Adam Blanchard (a candidate for House District 122) is a fake Republican who is trying to lie to voters and cover his liberal record. This is a guy who’s being strongly supported by Texans for Lawsuit Reform and establishment Austin forces.

Today’s conversation is a must-listen for those who want to know how conservative California transplants feel about Texas.




Uniparty Freakout in the Texas House

This week Democrats and liberal Republicans completely lost their mind when conservatives called out Dade Phelan for how he acquiesced to Democrats, who fled Texas in an attempt to try to kill election integrity policy.

An Interview With Chairman Matt Rinaldi

Today, we sit down with Matt Rinaldi and discuss his 3-year tenure as Texas GOP Chair. We also discuss how the Party has been positively reformed, what we need to do in the future, and how we have become a model for other states.

Texas Runoff Preview

Texas Scorecard’s new documentary was just released. We talk about that and overview a bunch of the runoffs going on in Texas.