The War On Texas Kids

About The Series

Texas kids are under attack. From “all age” drag shows to pornographic books in schools, children across the state face constant threat from predatory activists and explicit content.

A crusading journalist and mother of two, Sara Gonzales explores the issues and asks if there a way to stop the sexualization of children… or is it too late?

Get the answers in EXPOSED Season Four: The War on Texas Kids.


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Episode 1: The Slippery Slope
Coming 1/23/2023

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Episode 2: The Contagion
Coming 1/23/2023

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Episode 3: The Empty Vessels

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Episode 4: The Dark Descent
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Episode 5: The Turning Tide

About The Host

Sara Gonzales is a long-time fighter for conservative values. She hosts the popular “The News and Why It Matters” on The Blaze. A mother, Gonzales has made it a point to engage and lead where others instinctively avoided conflict.Gonzales recently teamed up with the Texas Family Project to launch “Defend Texas Kids” dedicated to exposing the depravity of the left and fight for sound public policy.