Middle school teachers in Round Rock Independent School District were allegedly instructed during a staff session training to withhold information from parents regarding their children’s sexual “identities.” 

District administrators claim this has “never been part of any district-wide professional development.” 

However, an open records request sent by the Round Rock Chapter Leader for the Independent Women’s Network, Michelle Evans, appears to show a gender dysmorphia acceptance presentation was used during Walsh Middle School’s January 2022 professional development session.

The presentation was titled “Names and Pronouns: Supporting and Respecting Our LGBTQ+ Students.”

They also included anonymous quotes to inform teachers of why not to tell a child’s parents about their gender confusion.

“Being in the closet as trans/non-binary, I’m always scared of my parents finding out,” read one quote. 

Another anonymous individual was quoted saying they would not “come out” to their parents for “safety reasons.”

Libs of TikTok took to X to post about the alleged training slideshow: “@RoundRockISD thinks parents are dangerous.”

The slideshow instructed teachers not to contact a child’s parents or family members if the child “comes out as transgender or non-binary,” claiming it could be “potentially dangerous and could be long-term damaging to the student” for a teacher to discuss that information with their parents.

Evans told Texas Scorecard that parents have “long suspected” RRISD staff and administrators were likely being trained to withhold information from parents.

According to Evans, this slideshow allegedly “validates” such suspicions.

Round Rock ISD is overstepping its bounds by usurping the authority of parents; it is just one example of why the Texas public education system is failing students, families, and communities,” said Evans. 

Evans received access to this slideshow through an open records request through the Public Information Act.

Initially, RRISD had attempted to withhold such information. But after requesting a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General, Evans was provided the slideshow.

When Texas Scorecard attempted to reach out to RRISD, the district’s Interim Chief of Public Affairs and Communications, Maritza Gallaga said, “This presentation has never been part of any district-wide professional development.”

Gallaga continued, saying, “We handle cases regarding trans students on a case-by-case basis and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.”

As of publication, RRISD has not responded to further inquiries from Texas Scorecard as to whether the slideshow has been shown at any teacher training sessions in the district.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.