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Bottom of the Barrel

At the conclusion of the 82nd Legislative Session three Republican House members found themselves with voting records that abjectly failed Texas taxpayers. Reps. John Davis, Allan Ritter, and Dee Margo were the bottom of the barrel – all scoring a failing “F” on the Fiscal Responsibility Index.

By |July 15, 2011
Index: Fresh Faces Shine

With a hefty number of new faces added to the ranks of Texas’ legislative body politic this session in the wake of what could be described as a “conservative landslide” in November 2010, many folks want to know, “How did the freshmen do?”

By |July 5, 2011
Decisive Indecisiveness

Here’s the breakdown of how Rep. Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock) has voted throughout the course of the latest debate on auto-spending the Economic Stabilization Fund. It’s a case of legislative votes not meshing with political words.

By |June 17, 2011
Health Care Common Sense

Health Care Compact legislation championed by Rep. Lois Kolkhorst and Sen. Jane Nelson has been called many things, but perhaps the best way to describe the Compact is the difference between the one-size-fits-all approach to health care policy of the Federal Government and the states’ need for health care solutions that are tailored for them that actually work.

By |June 17, 2011
Rainy Day Republicans

Despite garnering 79 votes to eliminate a provision that would automatically spend money from the state’s Rainy Day Fund in the future, State Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) was unable to eliminate this reckless addition to SB2.

By |June 10, 2011
RDF Double-Cross

Today, the Texas House added a provision to the must-pass “Fiscal Matters” bill that would automatically withdraw money from the Rainy Day Fund as new dollars become available.

By |June 9, 2011
Spending Reform in the Special Session

This special session of the Texas legislature provides opportunities for commonsense spending reforms that were shunned during the regular session. State Rep. Kelly Hancock (R – Fort Worth) plans to offer an amendment to SB1 that would improve the state’s spending cap.

By |June 9, 2011
Educational Efficiency Through Transparency

For government, transparency is an effective path to efficiency – especially when said transparency involves detailing how government is spending your money. That’s why State Rep Bill Zedler has filed legislation this special session to compel Texas school districts to post key financial information online.

By |June 8, 2011