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Austin's Lemon License

An overbroad section of city code requires kids to obtain a permit before operating a lemonade stand – a requirement one councilwoman is trying to eliminate.

By |June 15, 2017
San Antonio Runoff Results

A radical leftist mayor and less-than-inspiring down-ballot elections means San Antonio residents can expect little chance of reversing the city’s grow-government trend.

By |June 13, 2017
Michael Openshaw: For The Little Guy

“I’ll probably be retired by the start of the 86th Texas Legislative session, so I can be down there pretty much full time,” Openshaw says. “God help them all when that happens.”

By |June 11, 2017
Bexar County Joins SB 4 Lawsuit

The district attorney’s office had advised the court they take a month to study underlying legal questions unique to Bexar County – which commissioners ignored.

By |June 7, 2017