James McClure

KBH Helps Democrats Give America a Merry Christmas

I heard on the radio this morning that three unnamed Republicans voted with the Democrats in the Senate to end a filibuster on the Defense Appropriations bill which had 1,719 earmarks worth $7.6 billion. I automatically assumed that the two ‘Republican’ Senators from Maine, Snowe and Collins, voted to end the filibuster, but I was curious as to who the third one was.

TTC Proposes VMT (Drive More and Don’t Buy a Hybrid pt.2)

Get ready for Big Brother to ride with you wherever you go in your car. According to the Waco Tribune Herald, the Texas Transportation Commission is tasking the Highway User Fee Exploratory Commette to examine the possibility of taxing us Texans not by how much gas we use, but by how many miles we drive.

Drive More and Don’t Buy a Hybrid

A hot topic of discussion on Empower Texans lately has been the potential threat of rising state gasoline taxes. Clearly there have been revenue shortfalls due to the recession, but is this the only reason?

Another Chance to Question Congressman Doggett

Congressman Lloyd Doggett will be holding an event on Saturday morning August 8th at the Rundberg Health Center, 825 E. Rundberg Lane at 11:15 AM to talk about Obamacare. Maybe this time the event will actually be organized. Hopefully he’ll have a microphone so he can’t accuse his constituents (the mob) of shouting him down.