Congressman Lloyd Doggett will be holding an event on Saturday morning August 8th at the Rundberg Health Center, 825 E. Rundberg Lane at 11:15 AM to talk about Obamacare. Maybe this time the event will actually be organized. Hopefully he’ll have a microphone so he can’t accuse his constituents (the mob) of shouting him down. I encourage all those in the Austin area opposed to Obamacare to come out and respectfully show Congressman Doggett that this health care reform is not good for Texans and not good for America. We need to keep the heat turned up on Congressman Doggett and keep reminding him that he works for us! Arm yourself with the facts and have some good questions ready. The Heritage Foundation is a good source of information about Obamacare.


Will Texas Cities Ease Parking Requirements?

Across the state, local governments decide how many parking spots businesses are required to have, whether they actually need them or not. But some cities are waking up and changing course.

5/29/24 The Speaker Race Begins

- Runoff recap. - Tom Oliverson is not backing down, he will challenge Dade Phelan for Speaker. - Dallas ISD organized ‘LGBTQ youth’ trainings for school staff.