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Texas election law on churches & petitions challenged

On Pratt on Texas, I’ve covered the ongoing story in El Paso in which the mayor and council members are facing recall. It stems from El Pasoans overwhelmingly voting against their city providing spousal benefits to homosexual partners of city employees. The mayor and council went forward to provide such benefits anyway. In response to […]

By |November 18, 2011
Who are the Occupy-bums in the parks?

In a top-notch piece in the Halloween edition of National Review, Pratt on Texas Listener Club member Kevin D. Williamson writes about the “witch hunt on Wall Street” known as Occupy Wall Street. Following a description of one of the movement’s icons, a Marxist-Leninist proponent who is a professor at New York University and his […]

By |November 9, 2011
20 years later, some still want murderers to have the upper hand

Gut-wrenching is the only way to describe the effects of reading the Killeen Daily Herald’s in-depth story Sunday on the 20th anniversary of the horrific mass-murder at the Luby’s Cafeteria in that town. It was 16 October 1991 that murderer George Hennard, 35, crashed his pickup through the front window and began executing people, beginning […]

By |October 17, 2011
Democrat Castro’s redistricting skullduggery exposed

Here’s a story to upset the applecart on redistricting. It turns out that it was ambitious Democrat-sharpies from San Antonio who worked the redistricting committee to move Hispanic Democrat neighborhoods in San Antonio out of Republican Congressman Canseco’s district and into Democrat Lloyd Doggett’s TX35 district. Why? So that young sharpie state rep. Joaquin Castro […]

By |October 14, 2011
Can our public school administrators be trusted?

This is becoming a theme on Pratt on Texas: Are Texas public school administrators honest with parents, students and taxpayers? Take for example the no-pass, no-play rules demanded by Texans of every stripe years ago. One of my big school district inside sources has provided me with an email sent to faculty at the end […]

By |October 6, 2011
Why didn't Dewhurst act on in-state tuition?

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is out running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate and in appearances in both Lubbock and Abilene, various parts of the illegal immigration issue came up. In Lubbock, on KFYO radio, Rex Andrew seemed to stump Dewhurst on the question of what to do with over twelve million people in […]

By |September 29, 2011
Is Amendment VI worth the risk?

On November 8th we vote on ten Texas Constitutional Amendments which do everything from allowing more bond debt to changing election law. Amendment six clarifies language that lets the General Land Office distribute more revenue from the permanent school fund to public schools. Don’t let the fancy language in the actual amendment fool you; six […]

By |September 28, 2011
Recession Over? It Is For Texas Local Governments

Are we out of recession? Has the economy in Texas, outside the immediate oil-patch, started to boom? If you look at local government decisions across the state you’d think Texas to have an unemployment rate half what it is. Just a review of the past few days of news at PrattonTexas.com, in the Texas News […]

By |September 21, 2011