“I’m a lifelong Republican and I am conservative…” said Texas House Speaker to the Abilene Reporter News when in the Big Country shoring up support with representative Susan King for his upcoming race for re-election as Speaker.

I think Joe Straus is a nice guy, a gentleman even but, this statement is a cold-calculated lie straight from his lips. When elected Speaker, Straus was asked by the press how he described himself and he chose to tell all that he was a “moderate”*, which in today’s world is a long way from being a conservative. His position on issues, other than fiscal, is hardly conservative either.

Just to ensure that this well-known description, quoted often on Pratt on Texas during the last Session, was not a misquote or misunderstanding on the part of a reporter, I recently reminded the Speaker of this self-label and he told me that he did indeed use the term “moderate Republican” to describe himself to the press.

Now that he wants to be re-elected as Speaker and the GOP Caucus is much larger and more conservative, he is describing himself as a conservative. Last Session, when Straus was among the group of 11 traitor-RINOs who deposed a conservative Speaker, it was convenient for him to be a “moderate” as he was elected primarily by the democrat caucus plus 10 other RINOs.

I’m very disappointed in Straus. I was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt this time, and a chance to show that he will allow the conservative majority to set the agenda – remember his platform was to let the members run the House as opposed to a heavy-handed Speaker. But now, seeing that Mr. Straus is willing to lie to the Press and the people so blatantly, just to keep power and a Capitol apartment, I see no reason to trust any claim he will make related to the passage of legislation.

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* Examples still online:

Pratt on Texas

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