Cruz to Hold Hearing on Riots
Cruz to Hold Hearing on Riots

Texas’ junior senator will explore how “anti-American anarchists” engage in riots and violence.


Commentary: Our Elites Have Learned Nothing

More and more, the 2020 election is shaping up to be a referendum on who will rule. The people who cast their votes from all around the country? Or the self-appointed demigods who are nothing if not appalled by anything resembling the popular will?

Bloomberg Targets Texas

Will reportedly spend up to $20 million on voter registration effort in battleground states.


The S-Word

Governor Perry’s speech in Midland yesterday is being widely reported with some of the stories focused on the Governor’s comments pertaining to illegal immigrantion. The real import of the speech is the Governor’s use of the “S” word to describe the Obama Administration.

Obamapalooza wasn’t so fun after all

Less than a year ago, President Obama’s “hope and change” refrain train hit Washington to fanfare probably not experienced since VE-Day. There’s no point parsing every word, analyzing every speech, and interpreting every nuance that lead to his overwhelming victory.

Stimulus jobs: when does the counting stop?

The Obama Administration is touting the jobs “saved or created” because of the $787 billion stimulus plan passed earlier this year. One independent assessment of the total is 650,000; the White House puts the number closer to one million.

More on health care fraud

The Congressional Budget Office has tagged the recently-announced Pelosi health care nationalization plan at a little over $1 trillion. Given the history of inaccurate scoring of the long-term government health care costs, the Pelosi Plan (if passed) could be closer to $2 trillion over the next ten years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Embarking On Waste

The news in the past 24 hours highlights the contradictions unfolding in the debate over the nationalization of health care.

Stimulus $ tracking: does anyone care?

“A Houston Chronicle review of the federal government’s distribution of $787 billion in economic stimulus money approved by Congress found that the highly touted Web site designed to let the public know how much of their tax money is going to their home congressional districts is misleading and statistically unreliable,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

Cornyn and health care costs

Cornyn and health care costs

In a recent op-ed (Statesman, October 14, 2009), Senator John Cornyn pointed to the most egregious subterfuge in the debate over the nationalization of health care. Sen. Cornyn wrote: “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it will cost $829 billion, but when it’s fully implemented, the Senate Budget Committee estimates the real cost to be $1.8 trillion.”

Happy TARP-iversary

One year ago today the U.S. Senate passed the $700 billion bank bail-out. Nearly a trillion dollars, snatched essentially from pockets of future generations, gave the federal government unprecedented access into the marketplace.