Conroe ISD for Sale?
Conroe ISD for Sale?

Government contractors are working together to shovel more debt onto taxpayers.

Which Delwin Jones Is This?

There must be are two men named Delwin Jones. One campaigns in Lubbock as a conservative. The other legislates in Austin like a liberal.

Reading, Writing & Spending

Austin school trustees have been up to their favorite extracurricular activity: spending your money. Next month voters will be asked to approve a $345 million bond package according to the Austin American Statesman.

He Is An ‘L’

In Waco we have the curious case of State Rep. Chales “Doc” Anderson being challenged by the son of a former state senator David Sibley. When the race started, the son-of-a-former-state-senator had only his family name as a claim to fame. Now he’s known as the son-of-a-former-state-senator who isn’t honest about what he does for a living.

Maybe Wade Was Too Busy Suing Someone…

The Athens Review has a Q&A up with Wade Gent, the trial lawyer running against conservative champion Betty Brown. He may be a decent lawyer, but he apparently doesn’t know much about the state legislature. Maybe he was too busy filing frivilous lawsuits to pay attention to the legislative session.

No Principles, Good At Any Price

In the race for House District 61, former Weatherford mayor Joe Tison told the Fort Worth Star Telegram today that “he would consider changing his position on any issue if he believed that a majority of his constituents felt differently.“ In short, Joe Tison believes in nothing. He’ll say or do anything to get elected.

An Endorsement That Wasn’t

Politicians are very careful about who and how they endorse, and how and who they don’t. But apparently incumbent State Rep. Jerry Madden of Plano has been playing fast and loose with his endorsement list… And Attorney General Greg Abbott is rightly unamused.

Stafford’s Stink

When liberal editorial page editors make endorsements, particularly in a Republican Primary, one has to expect to wear waders and a nose clip. But the Dallas Morning News’ endorsement of Charles Stafford of Denton reeks of bad ideas that he apparently stunk up all by himself.

Haggerty the Benevolent

Nothing’s quite so distasteful in our democratic republic as an autocratic politician who demands that his every word and action be seen as benevolent kindness by those over whom he rules, er, represents. Such is the case with El Paso’s Pat Haggerty.