Can’t Count on Administrators

I had begun to feel a great sense of pride in my hometown over the last several months.  It seemed that Wimberley ISD – where I graduated High School in 2005 – was poised to do something I would never expect a bunch of educrats to do; stand up for taxpayers. 

Happiness Is Lubbock, Texas…

The old rock-country hit "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas, in My Rearview Mirror" had a tender, sappy-sweet quality to it. But sitting in the Lubbock airport after a great day visiting with our supporters and friends here in the Panhandle, we’re happy to report that Lubbock is just, generally, a great place to be. We’re sorry the Southwest flight is coming so quickly.

Polland For Senate? Hope So!

Last week’s announcement that State Sen. Kyle Janek of Houston isn’t seeking re-election has opened the gates of candidates rumored, potential and real. One name that’s surfaced is Gary Polland, a long-time conservative activist who lets his professional life (he’s a lawyer) fund his passion for right-thinking politics.

Please Call Again

According to KSAT, a San Antonio television station, more than 1,000 calls were made to the Bexar County courthouse by folks asking where to vote on this Super Tuesday. Of course, Texas’ primary isn’t held until March 4 — a month away.

The Grass is Always Greener…

On Wednesday the Houston City Council voted 9-5 in favor of an ordinance giving businesses the right to build electrified fences, which were previously forbidden.

ISD: Lie, Cheat, Steal

North Forest Independent School District in the Houston area is nearly bankrupt, having lied about student enrollment numbers, mismanaged the taxpayers’ cash, and cheated untold numbers of children out of an academic future. The response from the teacher union rep: worried that people might lose their jobs. That they haven’t already is part of the problem.

San Antonio Voters to Weigh $415 Million Tax Increase

The Bexar County Commissioners Court voted earlier this month to present  San Antonio area voters with a $415 million venue tax increase measure on the May ballot.  While it would fund lots of nice-sounding goodies, increased hotel and rental car taxes have been proven to reduce tourism.

Taxpayers Got Hosed

Used to be selling your land to the government was a break-even proposition — you got what the government valued it at, or else. But the Austin City Council is much more progressive than that since, after all, it’s not their money. In looking to build a new water treatment plant (not exactly a tourist attraction), the city found land that they valued at $28 million. The owners said it was worth $39 million. The land was on the tax rolls for $5.8 million. So, of course, taxpayers are coughing up $32 million.