PAC Attracts Grassroots Support

With less than a week remaining in the 2008 primary campaign season, the political action committee associated with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has raised more than $325,000. The organization works with activists from across the state on tax and spending issues.

Are Republicans Wasting Their Votes?

I have had a couple of conversations since early voting began yesterday with long-time Republican voters who are chosing to vote in the Democrat Primary. These Republicans are attempting to chose the candidate that they perceive is easier for Republicans to defeat in November. This is a mistake for Republicans.

Texas GOP Primary Ballot to Include Spending Limitation Resolution

Texas Republican primary voters will weigh in on a non-binding resolution that asks whether state and local governments should be required to limit annual budget increases to the sum of the population growth and inflation rate. The measure is likely to pass overwhelmingly, just as a similar proposition did several years ago. Hopefully, this time lawmakers will get the message.

Illegal Costs

Yes, immigration is a federal issue. Yes, the appropriate policy solutions will be complex and precarious. But, often overlooked, is the simple fact that illegal immigration presents a tremendous cost on state and local taxpayers.

Taxes Do Matter

People and jobs are fleeing high-tax states and states with income taxes. Where are they going? States with lower taxes and no income taxes. This is a trend that started in the 1990s, and is reflected yet again in 2007, as 20,000 per day shifted around the country. And for lawmakers in Texas who think we can coast by on our old reputation as being "open for business," they’d better think again — we have to fight to stay competitive.

Can’t Read? Then Teach

Time was when you could graduate from a Texas college and get a job teaching in El Paso, all without being able to read. That’s the story John Corcoran is telling, and he should know. He was the illiterate teacher who sat in front of a high school classroom for 17 years.

Vote Down the Ballot

Early voting for the March primary begins next week in Texas. While many believe the top of the ticket is already decided and is uninspiring towards fiscal conservatives, the Republican base still needs to turn out in support of our down ballot conservatives in contested races.