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It Appears the Texas GOP Caught Democrat Cheaters

It Appears the Texas GOP Caught Democrat Cheaters

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Matt Rinaldi is the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He’s a former Texas representative who spent four years in the Texas Legislature.

Pain at the Pump
Pain at the Pump

Brandon Waltens examines what the rising gas prices could mean for Texans.


The Racist Texas COVID Care

Texas has embraced identity politics and is rationing top-tier COVID care for blacks and Hispanics while denying white and Asian Texans Monoclonal antibody treatment. 

Protecting Texas Families

This week Brandon is joined by Jacob Asmussen to talk about a new organization protecting women’s sports and an update on vaccine mandates. All this and more on The Headline.

Josh Blackman: SCOTUS & The Heartbeat Bill

Conservatives across the nation are very concerned about the fate of the Texas Heartbeat Act, after Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett spent a significant amount of their time undermining the law with their questions.

Jabs or Jobs?

This week Brandon Waltens is joined by Michael Quinn Sullivan to talk about vaccine mandates and the effectiveness of Governor Abbott’s mandate ban. 

Steve Toth Attacks Abbott for Duplicity

Texas is allowing companies across the Lone Star State to fire their employees, Texans are asking why this is happening when Republicans control the Legislature, and State Rep. Steve Toth has now revealed that the reason we can’t pass a bill to protect patriotic Texans is that Greg Abbott doesn’t support the legislation. 

Grassroots Gain Ground

Brandon Waltens is joined by Jeramy Kitchen to talk about everything from Southwest Airlines to redistricting.


A Conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz

A Conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz

LIVE from the 1836 Studios, Sen. Ted Cruz joins Empower Texans CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan for a conversation about the latest from Washington!

On the Trail: Wrap Up

On the Trail: Wrap Up

Cary Cheshire and Zach Maxwell spent more than a month traveling the state to check in on some the key races in this years Texas GOP primary. What did they learn?