Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and not many practice this better than Chris Fails. As a cancer survivor and leader, Fails has been fighting for change in the San Antonio area for years now, and in multiple ways he has played a role in one of Texas’ greatest conservative victories this election season.

After moving to Hollywood Park in 2011, Fails’ passion for politics led him to become involved in ways he hadn’t imagined. In 2013, Fails ran and successfully earned a seat on the Hollywood Park City Council, and he was elected mayor just a year later.

Amidst his escalating popularity, Fails upheld his commitment to conservative values such as the Second Amendment: News 4 San Antonio reported that Mayor Fails allowed open carry on city property.

“There are no signs restricting open or concealed carry at Hollywood Park except during elections or court,” then-Mayor Fails told reporters.

In 2018, Fails decided Texas House District 122 needed new, conservative leadership. Despite the obstacles of fundraising and at-large name recognition, Fails’ campaign against Republican incumbent State Rep. Lyle Larson was a venture worth chasing because of key issues such as property tax reform. Throughout his campaign, Fails was able to receive the support of former Gov. Rick Perry and even Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Chris Fails is a small business owner who has served as an elected official at the local level,” said Gov. Abbott. “He knows firsthand the devastating impact that rising property taxes have on families and small businesses, and I know Chris will be a valuable ally in the fight for conservative values in Texas.”

After running a hard race, Fails was unable to earn the GOP nomination — but losing the election was not enough to stop Fails from making a difference.

Following the March primary, Fails immediately began lending his support to the campaign of fellow conservative Chip Roy, who had just become the Republican nominee for the crucial TX-21 Congressional race. The TX-21 seat had been held by Republican Lamar Smith for roughly 30 years but was at risk of flipping to progressives after Smith’s retirement last year.

Fails took action to ensure a principled, liberty-minded conservative would represent the district in Washington. He took time out of his busy work schedule in the oil and gas industry to give volunteers rides and to book campaign events in the San Antonio area. He even hosted campaign staffers for Roy, allowing them to stay in his own home.

When Texas Scorecard asked why he supported the Roy campaign, Fails pointed to his “conservative resume.”

“[Roy’s] got that conservative track record where you know it’s not lip service when he says he’s going to go and do something,” said Fails. The possibility of a new principled and conservative voice in Congress moved Fails to offer his time and resources, and now Chip Roy represents the area in Congress.

It’s easy to forget that we as Texans have individual citizens, not politicians, to thank for our prosperity — citizens who take the weight of change upon themselves and support causes for the greater good. Chris Fails has done his community a huge service by being involved as a volunteer and activist who is happy to play whatever role necessary, whether it be that of a leader, follower, candidate, or citizen.

Daniel Sauceda

Daniel Sauceda is Junior at The University of Texas at San Antonio, where he studies Public Administration. On campus, he serves as President for the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter. Daniel is also the State Chair for YAL in Texas.