Last week, a reporter for Austin’s most progressive media organization launched a sexist broadside against local mothers and sex trafficking survivors.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Austin Mom’s Blog is … exactly what it sounds like: an apolitical group blog that focuses on lifestyle and parenting. While their content isn’t particularly personally relevant, I’ve known about them for several years. Within the community, their testimony is strong.

Apparently, one of the contributors to “Austin Moms” is participating in an anti-sex trafficking initiative. Sadly, this is apparently due to her personal experience with that heinous practice. As such, she was scheduled to speak at a press conference about the Austin City Council’s “defund the police” initiative. This doesn’t sound controversial, right?

Apparently not for Austin Sanders, the city hall correspondent for the leftist Austin Chronicle:


Lest you think this was some misunderstanding, the following exchange happened shortly thereafter:

Yeah. He actually said that. To a survivor.

But here’s the thing: This isn’t really about this one incident.

Obviously, Austin Sanders attempting to mansplain sex trafficking is bad. But Austin Sanders’ behavior becomes a lot more alarming when you consider the history of this tactic. Because this tactic comes from Maoist China during the cultural revolution.

Chinese novelist Murong Xuecon explains:

“Socialist countries tend to emphasize national and collective interest ahead of individual rights and dignity. This has been a constant throughout 66 years of Communist rule in China, but in the past two years the tendency has become increasingly strident. Cases of public shaming show us how in the name of some great cause, individual rights, dignity and privacy can all be sacrificed.


“Respecting the rights of individual citizens—even wrongdoers—is a fundamental principle of a moral society.”

This is why Austin Sanders attacked a sex trafficking survivor. Sex trafficking survivors threatened Austin Sanders’ narrative, and thus, they must be destroyed.

This isn’t surprising if you know history, but it’s still disquieting that this is happening in Texas.

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Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.


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