Pretty disappointed in Gov. Abbott’s ongoing pretense to be able to create laws out of thin air.

It’s particularly disappointing when he decides that he can eliminate ANY use of ANY salon, no matter how carefully it operates, but allow your Petri Dish Day Care facility to operate however it wants. A woman can get her poodle’s hair cut, but she can’t get her own hair cut?

The problem with laws and crimes defined this way is that they wind up being unevenly enforced and interpreted, and they cut a broad swath of destruction.

What does it mean when a governor order says that people “shall avoid visiting bars, gyms, public swimming pools, interactive amusement venues such as bowling alleys and video arcades, massage establishments, tattoo studios, piercing studios, or cosmetology salons”?

Am I OK if I used to go see my stylist every month, but now I’m avoiding getting haircuts, so I only go every two months?

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.